UPND administration will not be blamed for applying law on Lungu – Chama … he should have been more of a father figure than coming back to active politics

Davies Chama said to Daily Revelation that the law is the law and the UPND administration will not be blamed for applying it in terms of the implications of Edgar Lungu coming back to active politics in relation to the presidential benefits.

Former president Lungu announced his return to active politics today for what he described as attempts by those in power and their stooges to destroy the biggest opposition party in the country.

He called on all the opposition leaders to join him in the fight against the UPND administration. dailyrevelationzambia.com


  1. The UPND should stand up and show us that they are equal to the task. Lungu cannot be breaking the law willy nilly without consequences.
    Govt has been telling us that everyone is equal before the law but they have been toothless in enforcing it. We now need proper action on this – Lungu is a foolish man and he needs to be the example to everyone.

    • You sponsored miles thinking you are done boom ecl comes on the scene and you have started calling him foolish but why ,the man is back let your pf miles gi to hell and your under five president

      • Sponsored or not sponsored, Miles is the legal PF president recognised at the Registry of Societies! He calls all the shots. Lungu had retired for 2 years so he will have reapply for membership. That’s important you chimp, you better know that.
        Lungu will have to form his own party first and won’t be anywhere near the PF membership unless Miles admits him on reapplication.
        Lungu is in for a rude shock!

  2. We are also keen to see how the party constitution will treat Lungu. Some people have already hinted that the PF constitution requires someone who had left the party through resignation, retirement or defection to another party to apply for rejoining the party. I am sure even in the Civil Service, things are the same, if one decides to come back on contract after retirement, he has to apply and start as a new recruit, he can’t take the same position he held at the time of retirement. Those who are advising Lungu and Lungu himself are aware of this. As law abiding citizens, we are all obliged to honor both the party and republic constitutions.

      • Sampa is the official PF president at the moment and his name appears at the Registry as such. So he followed all the right procedures.
        He cleverer than Lungu who is actually a lawyer but never follows the law in whatever he does.
        We will go ahead and grab those assets from proceeds of grab Esther and Chiyeso are hiding but bought from public funds.


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