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ACCORDING to Cornelius Mweetwa, the UPND government is worried about the expulsion of nine opposition PF members of parliament by Miles Sampa.

Mweetwa who is Chief Government Spokesperson, describes the expulsion of 9 PF MPs as an affront to democracy.

He believes that the expulsions are not an appropriate way of resolving internal wrangles in a growing democracy.

Mweetwa says there must always be opposing views within a political party which should be anchored on tolerance and co- existence.

According to Mweetwa, the President Hakainde Hichilema’s regime wants a vibrant opposition political party that can offer credible checks and balances


  1. These people have no shame. Who are they fooling?

    Miles Sampa is not clever enough to orchestrate such schemes. He is under instructions. He has the full backing of the state till 2026. After that, he will join his sponsor in jail. A joyful day that shall be.

    • Indigo your views always typical of a pfidiot. Why Shoul Miles be clever whem all he has to do is replicate what your preferred sister pf in Zim has done already? You support amafi nefisushi ati checks and balance on HH7? Mulenya mulelapila ba pompwe!!

  2. It sounds very tricky, how can MPs expelled by their party, from their party worry Government? Those are PF matters, UPND has important matters to worry about and not the expulsion of PF MPs. The expulsion of MPs is not new in Zambia, even in MMD, it happened, some MPs like Hon.Peter Machungwa and others became known as rebel MPs and were much more in number than this nine we are seeing now. HH was not there that time, so who was sponsoring those who expelled them? Those who are following current affairs, try to check on Zimbabwe, things are even worse there, some opposition MPs have lost their seats in similar circumstances. Just swallow your pride, humble yourselves and join Sampa and counteract the HH’s sponsorship if at all he is the one sponsoring him.

  3. Sorry, it’s called organizational rebranding. Old and useless assets that have lost relevance and value are jettisoned and new ones are acquired. Farmers call it organic agriculture. Instead of buying inorganic fertilizers you plant soil enriching plants which you plow back into the soil to add the much needed nutrients for the next crop.

    It’s normal and necessary that PF be rid of former MMD and former UPND political prostitutes and form a serious and formidable team to offer better challenge to UPND. You cannot beat UPND with that lot at the helm with their ECL who was beaten with over a million votes.
    So Miles is doing a proper job to rebrand the party and change the game plan from insulting HH to offering alternatives and insightful and researched criticism. I rest my case.

  4. Hakainde will sink with Sampa. His useless Mingalato continues destroying government institutions with the level of lawlessness never seen in any government before him. Tampering with documents , alleged Forgery and uttery by government?? Speaker colluding to commit a fraud , claiming she did a search at Chief Registrar’s office, when infact no changes were made in office bearers as revealed by ‘fired’ registrar. These are crimes, impeachable crimes…
    Like Sangwa said , Jail awaits Nellie Mutti some day. And the more Hakainde’s Mingalatos continue, the more illegalities continue being committed..and the closer jail gets to him for abuse of power..
    The nation’s eyes are now on our courts ..issued an ex parte order for inter parte hearing, Discharged the order 24 hours later without interparte hearing , but instead heard only one side. Well the inter parte hearing has now taken place, the nation awaits the ruling from our respected Courts.
    How Nations are destroyed… useless Mingalatos.

  5. Geewhizz! If this is a genuine and official sentiment I will give Mweetwa 9 out of 10 marks for something absent in Zambian politics namely, maturity.
    If you look at UPND and PF cadres none of them would be able to follow Mweetwa’s argument here because political leadership has been absent since 1991. Noone is leading-we only have rulers. Rulers who teach us that Politics in Zambia is about hating the opposition-never about appreciating opposing views. I dont think a Zambian who is in PF would go into a business venture with a UPND member.
    People have been taught to hate each other along political inclinations. Politicians need to emerge and fill this vacuum. The vacuum of peacemaker. If Mweetwa can manage to quell the turmoil in PF I would be the first one to support him as Zambia’s next president


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