UPND has auctioned country’s future through mine sales, tax holidays – Sichinga

Bob Sichinga

UPND has auctioned country’s future through mine sales, tax holidays – Sichinga … I wonder how they will manage to repay the restructured debt

Former Commerce minister Bob Sichinga says the UPND administration has auctioned the country’s future by selling the mines and giving them tax holidays, and does not see how Zambia will repay its restructured debts with official creditors and bondholders.

And Sichinga has questioned the sanity of paying Lazard $45 million for helping to restructure the country’s debt, which he said never happened when he and Hachipuka were negotiating for RCM and NCCM to form the former Zambia… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/upnd-has-auctioned-countrys-future-through-mine-sales-tax-holidays-sichinga-i-wonder-how-they-will-manage-to-repay-the-restructured-debt/


  1. Commenting for the sake of it, even without facts always leads to embarrassment. What will you say now that the MoF says Lazard will be paid $6 million?

    People who were ministers in previous governments and did nothing to impact the economy in a strong way better keep quiet while others are busy correcting their omissions and commissions.

  2. Sichinga is one of the most greedy politicians with self interest at the core of whatever he says and does. So apa he is looking for an appointment but the ND admin is right to ignore him.
    He needs to give a chance to others that have never worked in Govt. His ideas are definitely outdated and he has done whatever he can in his previous appointments.
    After all, this old fossil left UPND looking for opportunities in PF so how can he expect to be given another chance as if he is the only Zambia. Lekeni Sichinga atushe. Useless old man.

  3. Ba Shinono, you were in PF and you are one of the contributors to current mess that the UPND is cleaning. Just rest in peace , you are a finished politician! I’m.sure you miss being in UPND. We know you are envious of the fact that you abandoned HH to carry on the mentor of Anderson Mazoka and he has achieved that!


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