Insala Kapondo (Hunger is Hunger, it can cause someone to go against his own principles)




The Ruling Patriotic Front (PF) party says confessions by UPND officials that the opposition has a leadership crisis should be taken seriously.

Recently UPND secretary general Steven Katuka and his party chairperson for elections Garry Nkombo told the media that their party was in a leadership crisis.

Following the confessions by the party which aspires to lead the country , PF deputy media director Mr. Antonio Mwanza said the two ( Nkombo and Katuka) were being economical in their revelations because UPND had more leadership problems.

He has since advised UPND members to stop holding on to a political party that lacked leadership and was on auto pilot .

“Your secretary general Mr. Steven Katuka and your chairman for elections Garry Nkombo have all come out openly in the media that your party has got serious leadership problems.
So if you are still waiting and holding on to UPND you are wasting your time . Your leaders have admitted, you have a leadership crisis so you have to acknowledge that.” Said Mr. Mwanza when he featured on a Joy FM special radio program on Thursday
Meanwhile Mr. Mwanza has indicated that PF was glad that the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) was in the updating its voter register to deal with ghost voters and accommodate those who had shifted from their respective polling stations .

He said allegations by the opposition that ECZ was trying to facilitate rigging , were baseless.

“By law ECZ are mended to do so , if we are not happy , the secretariat will engage the commission on whatever issues we are not happy with . You see , if rigging elections is easy why doesn’t UPND rig elections themselves. When a leader makes wild allegations ask them how it is done .” He said .

He said President Lungu had provided several opportunities for the opposition to amend laws whenever they felt aggrieved but wondered they thrived on insulting government institutions.

He said President Lungu through the national dialogue forum provided an excellent opportunity for the opposition political parties to amend the constitution, the public order and many other pieces of legislation but all they were good at were insult .


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