UPND is brutal, intolerant, says B-flow


UPND is brutal, intolerant, says B-flow

BRIAN Bwembya a social activist says UPND deceived Zambians to vote for them and the party has now shown its true colours of brutality and intolerance.

Mr Bwembya, popularly known as B-Flow said UPND had been applying selective application of the law and justice.

“Zambians were deceived by the UPND which has now shown us its true colours. They are brutal and lack tolerance.

“What I have observed in Zambia makes sad reading. Recently, someone from North-Western Province insulted former President Edgar Lungu and made threats on his life but nothing has been done. Those who make less crimes but are from the opposition, police move in quickly to arrest them.

“They put a deaf ear and blind eye when it is their own who has committed an offence like those insulting the former head of State,” Mr Bwembya said.


  1. You are an idiot and a disgrace to young pipo in Zambia. Surely your eyes can see brutality under UPND govt but saw nothing under the truly brutal PF. I pity the woman who bore you.

  2. The Law is brutal, no doubt about that! The Law has no feelings!
    By Design, the Law is Brutal!
    The Law does not forgive! It is designed to condemn Law breakers to prison or death!
    The Law is patient and has a long memory of wrong doors.
    It’s the Law you need to fear and not the officers of the Law! They are servants of God who bear the Sword on behalf of God for Law and order!
    Have you ever read your scriptures?


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