Sikaile Sikaile

HAKAINDE Hichilema needs to be aggressive with his team to win the crucial 2021 elections, says Sikaile Sikaile.

He argues that some people in UPND are a liability to the party.

“They may be loyal but without tangible results, their loyalty is a sheer waste of time – consequences of which is the PF coming back next year,” Sikaile warned. “[And] The youths and women who have been rallying behind president HH in good and bad times will be so depressed and that will be the end of UPND. What happens to a farmer if their maize field is full of trees that disturbs the growing of crops? The farmer cuts them off so that the sunlight facilitates for the health growth of their crops next season for better results. This is exactly what HH should have done to some of his leaders a long time ago.”

Sikaile urged Hichilema to know where to invest ahead of the crucial 2021 elections.

“That’s why HH need to be aggressive to his team. Let those who want to leave go as long as he will make a decision that will make voters have more confidence in him than losing elections from crooks who get helped by your own people around,” Sikaile said. “I don’t charge for my advice. But I feel compelled to speak and advise those governing us as well as those looking forward to lead this country. Because I’m a youth and a prospective father who is scared of what is going on in Zambia provided our nation continues to be presided over by this gangster squad of corrupt men and women who can openly tell the world that corruption is normal. Where will my children be and the future generations, if I watch public resources be stolen from poor citizens like it is now under [Edgar] Lungu? This is the question that makes me appeal to you our politicians in Zambia to think and do the right thing for this country. Stop being greedy and selfish.”

He said being a great leader is about creating a foundation that makes it easier for those coming behind “you to move well or build from where you left from”.

“If anyone in UPND feels offended by my opinions expressed in this write up let them feel free to call me and I will bring out tangible evidence as to why I feel something is wrong and HH needs to work on it as the strongest opposition political party leader in Zambia in order to face PF government next year and produce desirable results Zambians expect,” Sikaile said. “Don’t form government accidently. This is why we are facing all these crimes under PF that formed government by mistake.”

He argues that, in UPND, some people who are lying to Hichilema every day that “Mr president we are doing this for the party on the ground they have become very rich because of HH being in opposition for a while through the information they sell to PF”.

“The more HH loses victories, the more richer they become. Some feel their age is catching up and eating in that way would be better for them than waiting for the unknown victory. Some even know that if HH forms government they would be checked,” said Sikaile. “But what about these youths and women on the front line who take bullets on behalf of HH? It means they will die poor citizens. This is why HH should know where to invest ahead of the crucial 2021 elections. Most of these people lying to HH now they will be nowhere near him and wicked PF will throw him in prison for no reason again but to humiliate him. At this point in time they will not care about the international community perception because they will be enjoying another illegal five years of imposing themselves.”


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