One of the six United Party for National Development (UPND councillors) who were bought by the ruling Patriotic Front (PF) last week has rescinded his decision to rejoin his party (UPND).

Lufwanyama ward Councillor, Rogers Simwemba told journalists this afternoon that he had opted to reclaim his seat after carefully reflecting and realising that the Patriotic Front was playing tricks

“PF forced me to resign, am a student of public health and they promised that they will be give me a good job upon completion of my studies, I realised that they were lying and did not mean well,” said Cllr Simwemba.

He also said that the people of Lufwanyama have lost hope in the PF because they are suffering and struggling to live a descent life.

Mr Simwemba claimed that there were no political benefits on hanging joining a political party that had lost its political glory, late alone lost touch with the grassroots.
Asked why he opted to rescind his earlier decision, Cllr Simwemba, who claimed to have been lured into joining the ruling party after he was promised a job upon completion of his Medical Clinical studies at one of the prestigious colleges on the Copper Belt stated that he could not continue hanging onto a political party without a future and hope for the people of Zambia.

And welcoming back Mr Mweemba to the Party, UPND Secretary General, Stephen Katuka expressed worry at the PF’s desperation to hold onto power at all costs including the “wanton” creation of endless by elections that he said were a drain on the country’s economy..

Meanwhile, UPND Elections Chairperson, Garry Nkombo, has warned area MP, Joseph Malanji and Lusaka Province Minister, Bowman Lusambo to accept Simwemba’s decision to rescind his earlier decision, stating that the later should not be a victim of the usual, typical threats from the ruling elite as all that was given to him after he resigned from his post were now his property.

Mr Nkombo said that the Foreign Affairs Minister and his Kabushi counterpart had gone on rampage to distabilise the UPND on the Copperbelt following failed endeavours to do the same in Northwestern, Western and Southern Provinces, respectively.

Mr Nkombo said the law provides for a 30-day period after resigning and that the Council Chairperson is within the law to receive the letter of the councillor who rescinded his decision.

He said it is unfortunate that the PF is on a trail to continue causing by-elections which began in north Western province, North-western, Lufwanyama and now going to Masaiti.
He said PF is buying the councillors using stolen money from the government, in-order to show the country that it is a preferred party when in fact not.

“ PF should stop playing games and began to do the right thing, Councillor Rodgers Simweemba who rescinded his decision is one of the six councillors paid to resign.” said Mr Nkombo

He said the people behind the resignation of the councillors are Kabushi MP Bowman Lusambo, Joe Malanji and Spuki Mukemwa.

He warned the PF not to begin calling the councillor who has rescind his decision to resign and that the money given to him is his and after all it was willingly given to him.

He said that UPND will not tolerate but take action should PF try to threaten the councillor .
And Lufwanyama Councillor Chairperson, Chiyuka moses acknowledged having received the letter from Rodgers Simweemba who rescinded his decision to resign.

He described Councillor Simweemba as a hard working person who contributes positively in the Council.

“I knew that he was cheated and corrupted by the Patriotic Front and that he was not going to remain in PF because he cannot not fit in as they have no principles and they care less about the community which is not the case with UPND.” Said Mr Chiyuka.



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