UPND members across the country have expressed anger over the reappointment of Chellah Tukuta

Chellah Tukuta

United Party for National Development (UPND) members across the country have expressed anger over the reappointment of Chellah Tukuta Photography by government, following his recalling from Diplomatic service few weeks ago.

According to insiders in UPND, Tukuta has allegedly blackmailed the ruling party by threatening to denounce them.

Members of the UPND in various WhatsApp groups and Facebook have gone public to denounce the reappointment of Tukuta.

“We will all now go rogue and start denouncing them” Cheelo Paulo Chiilabalika Katambo who is UPND Media team member wrote on his Facebook.

Tukuta was first employed as Presidential Photographer and worked at State House briefly before being sent into diplomatic service, in Brazil where he was demoted to an office assistant level.

The “demotion came as a result of Tukuta’s unbecoming behavior” , a State House aid has told !CountryTimes‚óŹ.

When Tukuta went to Brazil, he continued to publicize his bad behavior on social media where he picked fights with different people in Zambia. His mouth led him to be recalled.

On the day Tukuta recieved his termination of employment letter, he went on social media to declare that he doesn’t need a government job, and that he was doing fine with his cameras.

“At least am free. I was never free and you must all know that I don’t need a job to live a good life. I earn so much from my Photography works” he stated on his Facebook page.

And Tukuta complained of being treated badly and differently by the UPND over his firing. He went on to accuse the ruling party of being tribal. He said he was going to start talking and representing people.

The Photographer also acknowledged that Zambian people are suffering. He said he weilds so much influence in Zambia and that “it is time to expose corruption and tribalism in Zambia”

“When I was out I thought things were okay in Zambia but having interacted with Zambians, I know they are suffering. This are bad” He said.

However, it seems Hakainde Hichilema fears what Tukuta has to say. Government has hastily reappointed the Photographer to work at Daily Mail.

Tukuta himself confirmed this through his Facebook post:

“Thank you President Hakainde Hichilema for my new appointment as Deputy Editor in charge of Photography and Chief Photographer at the Zambia Daily Mail”

SOURCE: CountryTimes


  1. Whatever this foul mouthed camera man has on Hakainde must be very strong. He must know a lot about hidden skeletons, of which there must be many.

  2. This gentleman said he did not need a government job. Why then has he accepted one?

    I pity his superior at Daily Mail. I doubt if he will be able to control him for he will behave like he is answerable to the President and not his Daily Mail supervisor.

    This is a deadly mistake and makes me wonder whether this is a result of his threats.


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