“They tell him to stay at home while President Lungu and PF Thugs are saturated across the country campaigning heavily”

Political Expert and Lawyer Sandra Ukwimi Banda has charged that UPND is the most useless main opposition political party which is not interested in winning elections.

Speaking in Lusaka a short while ago, Mrs Banda said UPND President Hakainde Hichilema is failing the majority of suffering Zambians who want to see change on 12th August 2021 as life under the thieving PF has become unbearable.

She said it is frustrating that despite commanding popularity in 7 provinces, HH has decided to remain quite at home apart from posting shallow messages on his Face Book Page which do not even reach people in villages. “HH is a very big disappointment not only to the UPND members but also to the 70% of Zambian People who are frustrated with PF thieves. People are now looking upon him for economic and social liberation. If the corrupt PF is allowed to continue ruling for the next 5 years, many Zambians will die due to poverty which will be worse than that of Zimbabwe. People will die because hospitals will have no single medicine as these PF thieves will have stolen all the money as per their custom.

The kwacha will depreciate to K100 per dollar and the PF thieves will be justifying that as they are currently doing with meali meal prices and other essential commodities. One bag of mealie meal will be costing K550 and 1 Kg of sugar will be costing K100. People will really suffer if PF is given another term as their many interest is to enrich themselves not to work for the Zambian people”, said Mrs Banda. She said UPND need to work extra hard to highlight the evils of PF so that the opposition party wins elections to liberate the people of Zambia from the PF created bondage of economic slavery.

Mrs Banda said HH’s political advisers are the most useless. “They are advising him not to campaign when Edgar Lungu and all PF thugs are flat out campaigning for their corrupt party using stolen money. We know the PF, ECZ, Ministry of Health have made unholy alliance against HH and cant allow him to campaign using roadshows as they are doing. But he can use alternatives like radio stations and live face book addresses. HH needs to come out and campaign daily using radios stations and face book pages by having live addresses. HH sir, your silence is not helping matters. You are punishing the 70% of Zambians who are thirsting for change” said Mrs Banda S.C

-Zambian Accurate Information


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