UPND most corrupt regime in Zambia’s history – Makebi

Senior Counsel Makebi Zulu

UPND most corrupt regime in Zambia’s history – Makebi … ACC investigates forever when it involves UPND officials

Lusaka lawyer Makebi Zulu says the UPND administration is the most corrupt, than all the other governments put together, saying every day, there is a new scandal being reported.

And Zulu has lamented that the establishment of the Financial and Economic Crimes court was targeted to deal with those that were part… https://dailyrevelationzambia.com/upnd-most-corrupt-regime-in-zambias-history-makebi-acc-investigates-forever-when-it-involves-upnd-officials/


  1. Surely even senior counsel can view things like that, am shocked. These are pipo who should help ordinary citizens to understand that it doesn’t pay to tamper with public resources and engage in poor governance. No wonder we have some senior counsels always defending wrong doers. Am waiting for a time when as a country we’ll stop being proud of criminals be it at family level, spouse level, party level, friendship level, etc. Many a time some of us are at pains when we see criminals being flanked by others whenever they have a court appearance or are being called by the police for questioning. You mean as human beings we’ve different levels of embarrassment. Awe sure.

    • Ba Buddy, welcome to Zambia, the Christian nation. Our values are upside down. The victim is seen as the villain. This so called senior lawyer has the audacity to say we are seeing the worst corruption under UPND. He conviniently forgets that under Mr. Lungu’s PF, corruption was their defacto policy through the “uubomba mwibala alya mwibala” philosophy pronounced by Mr. Lungu.

      We witnessed how cadres used to literally sleep on mattresses of bank notes and even burn the same for fun. We have not seen this level of depravity yet under the UPND government.

    • He is a PF cadre so do not expect him to say anything nice about the UPND government. The paradox is he is always in court defending corrupt officials of the booted out PF regime.

  2. How it pains me to see senior lawyers not minding if the country is run by criminals as long as the criminals are their clients. Statements like this are probably coming out because the investigation of corruption is not in good shape.


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