UPND MPs flashing the party symbol during a news briefing


By Chileshe Mulenga

There is literally a war situation in the country and PF has tried to dominate the scene with all manner of weaponry and propaganda through the use of its Party militia forces and rogue media. These forces are being supported heavily by the so called allied forces under the command of partisan Inspector General of PoliceKakoma Kanganja.

To our utter surprise, HH and a few of his faithful ‘Generals’ like Mwiimbu, Mweetwa, Nkombo, and Captain Kang’ombe from the Sesheke Reserve Battalion appear to be active and offensive on the ground.

The question is, where are the other ranks and sub commanders to let the battle be fought by only a limited command element.

We expect that these giants must be up and down speaking out in support of their boss and the ordinary people on the ground. They keep quite as if they are not seeing the situation deteriorating.Emulate either your boss or Dr Chishimba Kambwili. Please speak up, nobody will kill you. Join the disgruntled youth and speak for us the down trodden. We chose you not to just enjoy the spoils, but to speak for us the forgotten masses.

You have a major stake in the affairs of this nation. Remember your President got 1 700 000 against 1 800 000 and that alone must be a strong impetus to drive you mad.The gassing went on unabated you were eerily quite, Bill 10 is on the drawing board, but apart from walking out in Parliament, we hear no voices on the streets or the constituencies you represent. PF are criminally collecting voters’ cards and NRC’s to defranchise our people in our own strongholds, you are quite. The economy has died ,but we hear no voices, the police have become a PF tool, all we hear are loud yawns from you our legislative representatives.

Many things have gone berserk in our country and we expect you our MPs to be visible by speaking out. The man says ‘nobody will remove him’ from power, and you keep quiet when such a declaration is treasonous.

Please speak for us and not not just come next year seeking four votes. We have the power to ensure you are not readopted come next year. We know that some of you become relevant about this time because elections are near. You desert your people after elections. You can’t keep holding your arms at akimbo while the country is under fire. Please speak and supplement the voice of your boss President Hakainde Hichilema.

Also where are the members of the NMC who only appear once when they defect from the Party like Gabriel Namulambe? Where are they at this grave yard hour? Please we need a national Conference/Convention to have elected members who will be accountable to the people and who the people can recall for failure to perform.


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