UPND Must Wake UP: ‘Be aware of leaders making fake promises’

Hon. Beene Hachoombwa

UPND Must Wake UP:

‘Be aware of leaders making fake promises’

The United Party for National Development is destroyed from within by its own members or senior officials hence affecting President Hakainde Hichilema’s efforts.

Apparently Hon.Beene Hachoombwa-Kanyama Constituency 2026 writes; “We have received sad development over the continued sabotage amongst some of our civil servants who have decided to go against the presidential directives on employment of all cholera volunteers from across the country. We wish to make it very clear that we have started our investigations and urge all affected to contact us on our WhatsApp line +260 777 604 938. We also encourage our civil servants in charge to do the correct thing before we visit them and force them to do what is required”.

The question to Mr. Beene Hachoombwa and other senior officials or dedicated members is what do you with information given to you?

Truth is people including UPND dedicated grassroots members have been disadvantaged from August 2021 after winning elections todate. People have lost employment because of UPND slowness, others have been denied opportunities because those still in control in some sectors or ministries are Patriotic Front Party die hard members. A lot can be said but let us end here. The focal point is you people don’t help your people or anybody.

The HH7 Gate Keepers Media – Zambia has tried to sound the alarm to help UPND stay vigilant or alert, but selfishness has been embrace to the core and that is why all of you leaders or influencial figures just make noise in promises that you don’t fulfil.

Stop showing people the powers that you don’t have and stop making people exposing themselves to you if you can’t help. The more people expose themselves to you the more they get disadvantaged because you leaders communicate and your communication is taken out of context as days goes by but it is those who expose themselves to you that get more affected.

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