By Tinkerbel Mwila

Aggrieved supporters from the UPND in Ndola District on the Copperbelt have closed the party district secretariat offices.

The supporters are aggrieved with the adoption process in Ndola where they have alleged was manipulated.

The aggrieved party members have complained that their preferred mayoral candidate has been left out opting for former Chifubu Member of Parliament Victor Koni.

And eight UPND councilors have threatened to withdraw their candidature if the preferred candidates are not adopted, accusing senior party officials tasked with the duty of identifying candidates of being corrupt and manipulating the adoption process.

And when contacted over this development, Copperbelt UPND Chairman Elisha Matambo said he was not the right person to comment on the matter because he was not in charge of adoptions and was equally waiting for the party National Chairperson for Elections Garry Nkombo to announce the names of adopted candidates.

Just yesterday, some UPND officials of Kawama ward rejected the adoption of a named candidate on allegation that the candidate was imposed on the people leaving out the candidate who won the primary elections.


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