says Zambia is in problems because the UPND won the elections through deceit and President Hichilema should apologize to Zambians for failure to honor his campaign promises.

Ndola … Sunday, 20 March, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

PF acting Secretary General Hon. Nickson Chilangwa says Zambians should worry because they have a President who assumed power through deceit.

Speaking in Ndola at the launch of the Copperbelt womens movement, Hon. Chilangwa said the UPND never won August 2021 elections genuinely but they were helped to rig.

He said the PF is fully aware of the tactics and people who helped the UPND to rig the elections.

” UPND never won the elections genuinely and we know the people who helped them rig elections, they think we are fools. We know their tactics. UPND are liars. Zambians should worry because the President assumed office through lies,” Hon. Chilangwa said.

” Zambians are in problems because of deceit by President Hichilema and the UPND. UPND has failed to run the country and they should call for early elections so that they test their popularity since they claim to have the so called 2.8 million voters,” he said.

And Hon. Chilangwa, the Kawambwa Central lawmaker said there is nothing to admire in the UPND.

He said President Hichilema promised heaven on earth but nothing seems to be working.

” President Hichilema should go back to the people and apologize. He said the cost of living will come down but things are getting worse and he knows Zambians won’t give him another mandate that’s why he is even failing to move into State House ” Hon. Chilangwa said.

Meanwhile, Hon. Chilangwa urged PF members not to get tired but ensure the continued organization of the party.

” We have a duty to organize the party. I want to commend the PF on the Copperbelt for the discipline, there has been no insults not even from the youth’s,” Hon Chilangwa said.


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