UPND NOT SCARED OF THE PF…it is scared of democracy, notes Kafwaya



…it is scared of democracy, notes Kafwaya

Lusaka, Friday, November 3, 2023 (Smart Eagles)

Lunte Member of Parliament Mutotwe Kafwaya has noted that the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) is scared of democracy because it wants to rule in perpetuity.

Hon Kafwaya said when he and other lawmakers for the mighty Patriotic Front (PF) addressed the press at Parliament grounds yesterday that the ruling party is doing everything in trying to kill democracy.

He warned that the country would be robbed of democracy come 2026 if not careful.

“I wrote an article years ago where I was saying people think that UPND fears PF. But the truth is UPND does not fear PF, what UPND fears is democracy. That is what UPND does not want. This is why you what you are seeing is that everything they are doing is in a quest to kill democracy in this country. If we are not careful as a nation, by 2026, there will be no democracy at all in this country because there will be no political party to compete with UPND,” he said.

“Maybe the question could be what is democracy? In my own view democracy is you having a say in the affairs of the nation and also me having a say in the affairs of the nation. So both of you are represented to channel your views appropriately and your views are advanced. For those of us who are privileged to represent, we receive the views and we advance the views as such.”

Meanwhile, Hone Kafwaya slammed Speaker of the National Assembly Nelly Mutti over her conduct regarding matters to do with the PF.

His sentiments follow acknowledgement of the Miles Sampa camp by the Speaker.

The lawmaker also insinuated that the Speaker’s action on Kamfinsa lawmaker Christopher Kang’ombe who was not given the opportunity to express himself was unfair.

He further charged that the plan by UPND is to completely obliterate PF.

“This is why we are saying you cannot stop democracy in the executive, you cannot stop democracy in the judiciary, in the manner you have, and you also want to stop it here, the last hope of democracy is at the assembly. The plan by UPND is to completely obliterate PF. This is why they are doing all these things that they are doing,” he said.

“Why would UPND not want democracy? I have heard that UPND are planning to be in power in perpetuity. They have been saying we will be in power for minimum 50 years and for them to be in power for 50 years obviously they should not have competition. This is the truth. If they have competition, there is no way they can go beyond 2026 because Zambians have already said no to UPND.”



  1. Nonsense there was no democracy during the PF rule. Could anyone dare insult the president that time or contradict the PF? Now democracy is being abused.

  2. Kubweka, how many times did you cadres insult Lungu and how many were arrested by the Police? Nil. Today, in a Police State, IG can arrest anyone who dare say anything against your Demi god. Others have been imprisoned.


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