UPND OFFICIAL: USA Veep Coming To Zambia For Minerals- Motomola Likwanya


UPND OFFICIAL: USA Veep Coming To Zambia For Minerals

Just Visit Zambia NOT ivo ati you once lived in Zambia with your grandfather. This US Propaganda is crazy. You want to convince us to start seeing you as one of us so that you can exploit the minerals you desperately want.

It’s like a person claiming to have been the best friend to your father during their childhood just for purposes of getting close to you and persuading you to give him some favours.

(1) So what if your grandfather stayed in Zed.
(2) why wait for you to be vice president in order to visit Zambia .
(3) what happens when you find your grandpa’s place that is obviously buried under New buildings.

We know your agenda ,just go straight to the point and don’t even be shy to mention it.👇

(1) You want to promote human rights.
(2) You want minerals.
(3) Influence us not to deal with china.

Written by Motomola Likwanya

UPND Lusaka district IPS


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