Mutale Nalumango


UPND Vice President and Republican Presidential Runningmate candidate Mutale Nalumango says the UPND is more than ready to form government and called on the general membership to rise up and protect the vote.

Addressing women and youths at the elections training workshop held in Chilanga via Zoom,Ms Nalumango called on patriotic and dedicated members of the party to ensure that voters and votes are well protected on August 12th,2021.

She said the UPND has learnt a lot of lessons about the tricks and gimmicks played on the voting day at polling stations and urged election agents to be vigilant and courageous enough to ensure that voters are not manipulated and intimidated at the polling stations.

‘Elections are not an academical issue but a political issue, we need to manage this election with an interest of people at heart because it is all about people’s lives,” said Ms Nalumango

Ms Nalumango who is on a campaign trail in Central province said people in the region have struggled enough and have since chosen UPND President Hakainde Hichilema as a presidential candidate because they believe that he will make their life better.

And Deputy Elections Chairperson Brian Ndumba says no trick or gimmick by the Patriotic Front will stop people from voting for their favorite UPND Presidential Candidate Hakainde Hichilema.

“We are in the race and so far Zambians want change for a better life following the hunger and poverty they have endured during the term of office Patriotic Front has been in office,” said Mr Ndumba.

Mr Ndumba says he is hopeful that what happened in 2016 where they were Gen 20 forms and errors in vote counting will not repeat because Zambians will not tolerate that as this election is about their lives.



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