Insoni Ebuntu

By Nicky Phiri

Insoni ebuntu…( this is a dream about a conversation between truth and hypocrites)

The point to my fellow young leaders is this:

Please have a set of principles and stick to them regardless.

Unless you have something you so much believe in that you are ready to lose everything, including your life in order to defend it, you don’t have any principle (s).

It is not good to be always moved my the wind of selfish and self aggrandisement.

A country can never be built by opportunist elements like these mozeshans.

Make no mistake, we are not fools like you could be.

You said then, that you did it for a pay.

We knew you lied. You did it because you didn’t have a spine to stand against evil. ..

You enjoyed, remained mute and cheered evil while evil wrecked the righteous!


We chose not to disagree with you, because we knew lies have short legs and evil while never overcome righteousness!

Today, you are here praising? And you are welcome by the way.

Question however is: who has paid you this time around? Because, you always do it for a pay?

Or is it now out of conviction? That is if you have what it takes to have a conviction.

From where I stand, your conviction is convinience and expidiance!

So, it can’t be out of conviction.

Conviction is a product of principle and principle is a product of belief and belief is a result of tested character.

You don’t have any of these, even just a quarter!

You, as far as I know have no conviction, no principle, no belief.

You are entirely driven by selfish and myopic motives..

Talk about vultures!

Okay. So when did you believe in the same person you said would never ever be?

Please don’t get it twisted. ..

He is your hero, not because you have said it, but simply because he is.

Point is, your voice is not any significant… you can keep it if you so wish.

It didn’t help your former master. So why would we think it will help us?

Your hypocrisy is embarrassing too.

While you are free to support and rally behind the vision, we will never forget who you are:

Hypocrites! Betrayers! Seller Out! Surrogates of Immortality!


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