UPND SHOULD CALL FOR EARLY ELECTIONS… so that Zambians correct the mistake they made in 2021 – KALABA

Harry Kalaba
Harry Kalaba


… so that Zambians correct the mistake they made in 2021.


Citizen First President Harry Kalaba says if the UPND Government loves the people of Zambia they should call for early elections so that citizens correct the mistake they made in the 2021 General elections.

Speaking when he featured on KBC radio in Kapiri Mposhi district, Mr. Kalaba said Zambians are yearning for a change of Government because the UPND has failed.

He said President Hakainde Hichilema has injured alot of people and it will be difficult for him to garner the 50 percent plus one vote threshold in the 2026 elections.

” UPND supporters should accept that President Hichilema has failed, we need to change Government and put people with ideals who know how to look after the people, in 2026 President Hichilema will not bounce back because he will not manage to garner 50 percent plus one votes, he has injured the Zambian people and has failed to discipline his erring leaders” Mr. Kalaba.

Mr. Kalaba who is also former Foreign Affairs Minister said it is unacceptable that Zambians have been subjected to buying a 25 kg of mealie meal at K350 per bag.

He said despite expert advice, the UPND Government went ahead and exported in excess, maize that was kept in strategic reserves thereby subjecting Zambians to hunger.

” The UPND Government is losing 4 Billion dollars in tax holidays they have given to foreign firms running mines. This money could have been used to subsidize fuel and reduce the cost of living,” Mr. Kalaba said.


  1. Which mistake? Kalaba.
    Remember, you misled the nation at one time, based on your ” diplomatic” experience that the US had rejected the nominee Zambian ambassador. Your are so immature Kalaba.
    Mistakes are corrected during normal elections.

  2. Mr Kalaba try to do other things than just dreaming. Elections in Zambia according to the constitution is or are held every after five years that is the constitution. You are not a constitution.

    By the way how many councillors and MPs do you have.

    Additionally, you are now enjoying your unification. Ew marriage with lungu whom you condemned to the later like your brother chishimba and GBM of corruption. Issue of integrity

  3. Harry Kalaba stop making hallucinations as your talk is cheap politicking. You are a political failure and indeed it is shameful to see you team up with the same person you labelled corrupt and thuggish. What good have you seen in Edgar Chagwa Lungu which you did not see when you resigned from his government?

    The so called political alliance is an evil association formed by frustrated persons who have failed to prove their usefulness in society. For instance, what community local development has Sakwiba Sikota, Edith Nawakwi, Saboi Imboela, Edgar Chagwa Lungu, Chishala Kateka and others have initiated to uplift lives of people?

    On the other hand, Hikainde Hichilema built a rural health centre, dug boreholes, built community schools and paid scholarships for orphans and vulnerable children when he was not republican president. Members of the alliance should show us tangible things they have done their own personal capacity in their respectivecommunities? You are selfish fake leaders who are pretending to speak for the poor. If they were genuine persons they should have been questioning Edgar Chagwa Lungu for mismanagement of the economy and the huge debts he contracted which is chocking our economy today. Instead you are dining with a former dictator and corrupt person.

  4. Kalaba, whether you like it or not, HH will win with more votes than he did in 2021. You will all cry in 2026. Whilst, you hate HH, you don’t know how much people appreciate him in most rural areas because of CDF, free eduction, recruitment of teachers, health staff etc. You think zambia us Lusaka. You are a bad opposition leader. You resigned from PF but today you are sharing the same bed with the same criminal who raped this country to the ground. No shame Mr KUYUFWA!

  5. Mr. Kalaba, stop fooling and insulting voters, what mistake are you talking about? You failed to get even a one percent and you say people made a mistake, which people are those? Many people had looked at you as a principled man when you left PF, but you have exposed yourself as untrustworthy politician who has no integrity at all. You have gone back to your vomit smiling, something which was a vomit, today it has become a delicious meal for you. So no well meaning Zambian can think of voting for you now even if elections were held today. Stop cheating and deceiving yourself. Zambians didn’t make any mistake, they knew what they were doing. Equally in 2016, there was no mistake, someone just stole their votes but we are glad that in 2021, they corrected the situation. At the moment, there is no alternative to HH and there is no need to call for early elections, maybe a postponement is even better.

  6. Kalaba kaikulike. Or just resign from politics like this Induna lozi commissioner who chose to resign from the government and created space for another individual to take over the position.
    HH nimuntu wa bwino maningi. Hes not like you chancers

    • Scar-face Harry Kalaba, kanti ki butoto bo bucwani bo? (Scar-face, just what sort of foolishness is this??). Zambia has a Constitution which orders everyone to adhere to it, including foolish Harry Kalaba himself!! What’s your rush iwe Scar-face Kalaba???

  7. Why has Harry Kalaba become so paranoid? He should know that no early elections will be held. Elections will only held in 2026, exactly on 12th August. By that time, HH would have fixed the whole mess PF , which Kalaba was party to, had created. Kalaba is just puffed up with pride, like a balloon full of air which goes up into the
    sky, only to burst up and become nothing.
    Zambians never made a mistake in electing HH and his UPND Alliance into government. The current high cost of living is due to the measures being put in place to clean the mess left by Kalaba and his0⁵4p31friends.
    Kalaba and his colleagues heavily subsidized the cost of fuel which they actually borrowed through Oil Marketing Companies. That was one aspect of how they caused the huge debt burden. They borrowed and spent recklessly, looting everything and everywhere.

  8. Go and correct the mistake you made in your bedroom. STUPID IDIOT. Zambians are governed by laws not by whims of frustrated individuals who are also STUPID IDIOTS.

  9. Scar-face Harry Kalaba, kanti ki butoto bo bucwani bo? (Scar-face, just what sort of foolishness is this??). Zambia has a Constitution which orders everyone to adhere to it, including foolish Harry Kalaba himself!! What’s your rush iwe Scar-face Kalaba???

  10. Kalaba when are you going to talk sense to the public, you always talk like a constipated animal ,which early elections are you talking about don’t you know that the law of Zambia says the president can only be removed from the position after 5 years, why didn’t you tell menomeno lungu kachasu Edgar to call for early elections when he was killing innocent Zambians, ist that you were not yet born and you didn’t see the genocide that was happening in your own country ,kalaba you’re an idiot without shame and stop this nonsense you’re talking about, leave us to enjoy the peace prevailing and fresh air we’re breathing.idiot


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