Cornelius Mweetwa

By Patricia Male

The opposition UPND has doubted the genuineness of the 19 presidential candidates who have so far paid the K95, 000 nomination fee ahead of the august elections.

Party Spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa feels most of the presidential aspirants are not genuine and has accused the ruling patriotic front of having paid them in order to spoil votes.

Mr. Mweetwa says the 19 presidential candidates as announced by the Electoral Commission of Zambia are meant to populate the ballot paper so that they confuse the electorate especially those who are illiterate.

He has charged that the high number of candidates on the ballot paper will result in voters to lose their preferred candidates and in this vain appealed to Zambians not to voter for people whose interest is to spoil voters at a time when the opposition in the country needs to unite.

And Mr. Mweetwa says the newly formed political pact between the UPND and other politicians will work because the members are genuine and that no pre-conditions were set as the alliance was being formed, making it unique and genuine.


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