Lusambo has been seeing senior UPND govt and party officials without restrictions whilst UPND members cannot


UPND Threw Away Cadres:

‘President HH to contextualise his statement’

It appears the statement ‘No Cadrism’ destroys interactions in UPND between grassroots and party or government officials. President Hakainde Hichilema’s statement has been taken out of context and it is time he contextualised his pronouncements before it is too late.

UPND cannot confirm when last they had interactions with their MPs or Ministrrs. Truth is UPND MPs and Ministers have no time for their people because according to them, President Hakainde Hichilema told them that ‘No Cadrism’ means no interactions with the grassroots.

Meanwhile opposition political party leaders or prominent cadres are given all the attention they need. So far PF former Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo says, “I Enjoyed engaging my big Sister Hon. Doreen Mwamba, Minister of Community Development and Social Services over tea this morning. Hon. Mwamba remains one of the most hard working Ministers in the new dawn government. She is sober and open minded and willing to listen to advice even from non-UPND circles. Hon. Mwamba and I believe that politics is not a way traffic but a dual carriageway that should flow with ideas from different people from different backgrounds. As politicians, our main goal is to uplift the lives of our people by delivering essential social services and not self aggrandizement”.

Bowman Lusambo has been seeing senior UPND government and party officials without restrictions whilst UPND members cannot. Beside Thabo Kawana and Doreen Mwamba, PF camp that includes Bowman Lusambo interact with a lot of UPND government and party officials.

If and when Matomola Likwanya complains, don’t think it is a lie.

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