Howard Kunda


….stop them from amending the Constitution!

Ndola, Thursday, November 9, 2023 —— Opposition Zambia Wake-Up Party (ZAWAPA) President Howard Kunda has opposed the Government’s plan to amend the republic constitution.

Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe has announced that the Government plans to facilitate the amendment of the national constitution.

Mr. Haimbe has been revealing that the state intends to hold a referendum to amend the Bill of Rights to include economic, social and cultural rights during the implementation of the Eighth National Development Plan.

But Mr. Kunda has charged that the UPND Government cannot be entrusted with the process of amending the constitution because it was not a trusted regime.

The former Muchinga Member of Parliament claimed that the New Dawn administration may put clauses in the constitution to prolong their stay in Government.

“These people are untrustworthy; they cannot be trusted with anything because when you look at things to do with the constitution these are serious matters that a truthful group of people or government come together and present a truthful conversation with the people but these are people who are bent on lies. We can’t allow this government to even touch the constitution. From the onset, I would not support their plan to touch the constitution because they are people who cannot be trusted with very important issues like the constitution amendment,” Mr. Kunda charged.

He told members of Parliament to block the proposed amendment of the constitution when taken to the house.

“There are talks that the UPND Government has seen that it is being voted out in 2026 so they would want to change the constitution so that they go for seven years. But it is suicidal for the people of Zambia to go with this government for seven years. We can’t allow the UPND government to prolong its stay in power. I can safely say that the people in parliament should not allow this constitution amendment,” Mr. Kunda continued.

“This government has not been truthful. We were promised a cheaper mealie, we were told that mealie meal will be K50 per 25kg but what have we seen now? Is that being truthful? We were promised that fuel prices would go down. We were promised that the exchange rate will improve but now the kwacha is the second worst performing currency in the world. We need to take these issues seriously as Zambians and remove this government from authority so that we can usher in a party like ZAWAPA that has shown that they want to work honestly with the people of Zambia. We have shown that we can partner with the people of Zambia and not leave them behind and fanning confusion like we have seen from the UPND Government,” Mr. Kunda concluded


  1. So this idiot is still sleeping and dreaming of seven years amendment? Indeed he needs to wake up. Zambians are not Rwandans, we have heard so many stupidity wishful thinking from the likes of you. Dora was one of them who prophesied that Sata will chop off women breasts and introduce gaysim. In your dreams all that came to pass. STUPID IDIOT

  2. This man is he okay upstairs? What evidence has he got, because from his own words, he is saying that the new dawn government may change some clauses. Is he sure of what he is talking about or he is just hallucinating?


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