Steven Katuka


By Daily Revelation reporter

UPND has threatened to dissolve all structures and polling stations that fail to beat the 2016 number of registered voters.

Party secretary general Stephen Katuka in an internal correspondence obtained by Daily Revelation stated that he would not hesitate to punish structures that fail to meet targeted number of voters across polling stations.

He expressed with concern the lack of seriousness among UPND structures across the country with regard to helping the people to get voter registration cards in masses.

“This is to inform all National Management Committee members, Members of Parliament, and all District ,Constituency and Ward officials that there is need to take voter registration seriously as it will determine our victory in 2021. Take note that the 2016 number of registered voters at each polling station should be a benchmark for you to ensure more voters register,” stated Katuka. “The target should be to beat and double the 2016 number of registered voters in each polling station. We have noted a tendency by some of our officials and structures to stay away from helping people to register. Be reminded that being an official is a serious thing and the party is not interested in idle leaders. Should my office discover that a particular polling station has failed to beat the 2016 number of registered voters, we shall not hesitate to dissolve the structures in that particular area as your existence there will be irrelevant to the party. We cannot have poor numbers of people registering even when we have structures.”


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