24 TH JULY 2020


We want assure all the workers that as UPND we will not embark on firing workers once we form Government in 2021. HH and the UPND appreciate that Human capital is the key driver to any meaningful national development. Instead UPND will motivate workers by improving their conditions of service, to boost productivity and achieve the middle income status. Our main focus once we form Government is to fight corruption and improve the quality of life of the Zambian people. UPND will not tolerate employers that abuse Zambian workers as the case is under the PF regime. All employers will be required to obey the Zambian labour Laws.

Zambians must ignore toxic statements suggesting that UPND will fire certain workers once we form Government. The problem with the PF regime is that, they think UPND will take the route they have taken of stealing and throwing Zambians into abject poverty. There is no way that UPND can envy and continue torturing Zambians. It’s shameful to find ourselves in such a mess under the PF regime. UPND will never engage itself in self destructive schemes of firing people on tribal lines and closing companies like Prime TV.

UPND would like to assure all workers both from the private and public sector that they will be treated as partners in development and not mere tools of production as the case is under PF. There is just too much abuse of workers under PF. UPND will promote the equal pay for equal work across the Country. We have already identified the weak link in the Ministry Labour; currently the labour industry is facing so many challenges because of this weak link. We will fix all the issues concerning the labour force. Our men and women in uniform deserve respect too.

PF has failed to bring sanity to the Zambian workforce because of corruption. Zambian workers are treated like slaves because PF receive kick backs from these employers. Imagine even a pizza is enough to shut the mouth of very senior PF officials. Ba PF your failures are self inflicted, just prepare to be booted out. Zambians have had enough of you. Dragging HH and UPND in your own problems will not save you in any way.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Acting Chairman for Labour and Social Security.


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