Elisha Matambo

United Party for National Development (UPND) Copperbelt Chairman Elisha Matambo has declared that the party will rule Zambia for a long period of time until Jesus comes.

During a party mobilisation meeting in Ndola’s Kabushi Constituency on Sunday, Mr Matambo, the Copperbelt Minister, said the people of Zambia will continue believing in the UPND for many years to come.

Mr Matambo said the New Dawn Government has achieved a lot in the last seven months it has been in Government.

He cited Constituency Development Fund (CDF) increment to K25.7 Billion, teacher recruitment, health workers recruitment and provision of free education as some of the UPND Government’s achievements.

Mr Matambo challenged UPND members to explain the New Dawn Government’s achievement since forming Government in August 2021.

He said the UPND must continue party mobilisation in readiness for future elections.

“We have come here for party mobilisation. We must mobilise the party continuously until the elections come. I am sending you my children to go and make branches. Go and make polling stations committees. Go and explain to Zambians what we are doing. I am sure Zambians are intelligent and want peace. If anyone wants to bring problems we won’t allow them because Zambia is a beacon of peace,” Mr Matambo said.

Mr Matambo urged the opposition to allow President Hakainde Hichilema to rule peacefully.

He said the opposition, especially the Patriotic Front should not make Zambia un-governable.

“You were saying he won’t rule Zambia but I used to ask if you were God. Allow President Hichilema to rule accordingly because the people of Zambia have given him the mandate. Let him rule in peace. You had your chance to rule for ten years. Why can’t you allow us to rule well. Let me tell you, the God that allowed him (President Hichilema) to win the elections, will allow him to finish his first term. Hakainde’s second term will be smooth and when he finishes the second term of office we (UPND)will pick another President because we are going to govern this nation well. The person to take over from President Hichilema will also win. Another five years will elapse and again Zambians will retain us in power, by the time you will realise ninshi ba Yesu nabesa,” Mr. Matambo said.

The UPND Copperbelt Provincial Chairman further warned PF members against personal attacks on President Hichilema.

Mr Matambo said PF members should not abuse the freedom of speech and assembly they are enjoying to insult the Head of State.

He charged that the PF should be apologising to the people of Zambia for its bad deeds when in Government instead of criticizing the New Dawn administration.

“We will not allow anyone to insult President Hakainde Hichilema. Dare us. Try to open your mouth and insult the President, you will see what will happen to you. We have been sleeping for so long. Stop insulting the President. I am telling all the ten provinces to ensure that no one insults the President Hakainde Hichilema in their localities,” he said.

Mr Matambo added:” We are not immune to criticism but do it in a constructive way and have limits. Let me tell you, if you want to make this country ungovernable you will have yourselves to blame. We stood the test of time when we were in the opposition. We faced pangas, we faced guns, and we faced everything so if you want to come out and destabilise the Government we will tie both your hands and legs with wires. Let the President rule without disturbances.”

During the meeting, Mr. Matambo received over 100 new members who said they were mostly from the PF.

He urged UPND members to welcome new members while asking the newcomers to respect people they have found in the ruling party.


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