UPND’s False Accomplishments – “We’ve said it, we’ve done it.” Promises Kept, yet outcomes neglected.

18 May 2023

In the world of politics, promises are the currency that buys votes and shapes public opinion. Once in power, political parties stay afloat on the sea of popularity by touting how many promises have been kept.

It is no surprise that the UPND, adept at making lofty commitments during election campaigns, are prematurely basking in their own glory and touting their supposed achievements. In President Hakainde’s words at his press conference today, “We’ve said it, we’ve done it.”…Predictably, this will now become the hit song of his praise singers.

However, before we are misled by this song, let us remind the UPND that it is not the delivery of promises but the resulting outcomes that truly matter. In the case of the UPND Government, their claims of achievements are nothing more than smoke and mirrors, creating a false impression that the people must applaud their hard work in the short period of time they have been in government.

In reality, despite these so called ‘We’ve said it we’ve done it’ achievements, tangible outcomes for the overall quality of life of Zambian citizens are nowhere to be seen.

It seems that we may have to keep reminding the UPND the harsh truth that promises, even when kept, are not outcomes. For one, a common thread that runs through all these so-called achievements is that they have real, increased and massive requirements on the treasury while we hear no corresponding achievements in the increase of government revenues – a very critical element in economic health of the nation.

So how sustainable are these ‘achievements’ in the long run? Without any visible strategy or plan to replenish the treasury, the UPND is simply burdening the treasury and ultimately putting the current and future financial stability of the nation at risk. Fellow citizens, beware, while UPND may be patting itself on the back, it is more likely setting off a time-bomb whose explosion will reverberate in every sphere of life for generations to come.

We have come to understand, that amidst their claims of success, the UPND conveniently ignores the need for informing the citizenry with factual data-backed assessments and outcomes of their achievements. They keep echoing that promises have been kept, but conveniently sidestep the critical question of whether economic and social benefits are actually being realized. Without data backed assessments of the CDF, Free Education, Partial Pension Withdrawals and so on, we keep hearing “we’ve said it, we’ve done it”, but we will not be able to determine if the desired economic and social benefits are being realized. Can we say that these promises ‘delivered’ have resulted in an improved welfare for Zambians? There is a lack of effect on the everyday lives of ordinary people.

So, fellow citizens, continue questioning these self-proclaimed achievements. Let’s demand concrete evidence of positive outcomes on the welfare of the ordinary Zambian rather than being dazzled by empty rhetoric. In the end, it’s not about how many promises are ticked off on a list; it’s about the real impact on our everyday lives that matters.

President – New Heritage Party


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