UPPZ PLEADS WITH HH TO EMBRACE STATE FUNCTIONS WITH DIGNITY…Expresses concern with the President’s recent demeanour in public events..

UPPZ President Charles Chanda


…Expresses concern with the President’s recent demeanour in public events..

Sunday 26, November 2023

“UPPZ Leader Charles Chanda Calls Upon President Hichilema to Embrace State Functions with Dignity.

[KITWE, ZAMBIA] – The United Prosperous And Peaceful Zambia (UPPZ) stands firm in our commitment to fostering a strong and united nation. Today, we issue a heartfelt plea to Republican President Hakainde Hichilema to embrace the duties and responsibilities of his esteemed position during state functions.

It is with utmost concern that we address the language and demeanor displayed by President Hichilema in recent public engagements. While we respect the freedom of speech and expression, we must remind the President that his words and actions hold great significance both at home and abroad. As the leader of our nation, it is his duty to portray a dignified and respectable image that reflects the greatness of our beloved country.

Our request is rooted in the core principles of patriotism, respect, and unity. We understand that politics can be a heated battlefield, but it is essential for our President to rise above petty partisan interests and fulfill the larger national duty bestowed upon him. The office of the Republican President is not a platform for personal grievances or a means to settle political scores. It is a weighty responsibility that demands the highest level of decorum and statesmanship.

Every time President Hichilema addresses the nation, it is an opportunity to unite us, inspire us, and lead us towards a path of prosperity. However, his recent language and rhetoric only serve to perpetuate division and animosity. We implore President Hichilema to look beyond political differences and focus on the greater good of our people.

The journey of a Republican President is not an easy one, and we understand the immense pressure and challenges that accompany the role. However, it is our firm belief that with every challenge comes an opportunity for growth and transformation. We invite President Hichilema to step beyond the shadow of a one-man opposition party and embrace the leadership that the people of Zambia have entrusted in him.

We extend an open hand and offer our support to President Hichilema in his quest to lead our great nation. We genuinely hope that he heeds our heartfelt plea and endeavors to conduct himself with the dignity and statesmanship befitting the position he holds.

As UPPZ, we are committed to promoting a politics of inclusion, compassion, and progress. We believe that together, we can build a Zambia that thrives in unity and peace. It is within this spirit that we express our concerns and call for a greater sense of responsibility from our Republican President.

Uppz Leader, Charles Chanda


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