Uproar over alleged brutal military operation in Ghana


Lawmakers in Ghana are demanding an investigation into alleged military brutality against the youth of Garu, in the north-east of the country, and for perpetrators to be brought to book.

Soldiers are alleged to have raided the community on Sunday in what appears to be a reprisal attack following an assault on some national security intelligence officers deployed there to fight terrorism.

MPs for Garu and Tempane constituencies, who are pushing for the investigation, condemned the attacks and are calling for the immediate withdrawal of the military from the area.

The legislators also want the young people who were arrested to be released and those injured in the process compensated by the government.

Images shared widely on social media showed some of the youth sustained various injuries, including lacerations on their bodies and swollen faces. Those injured are currently receiving treatment at Garu District Hospital, which has been swamped according to local media reports.

Some of the youth are also said to have fled the area for fear of being arrested and abused by the military.

A section of social media users has condemned the reported brutal security operation.

However, Ghana’s ministry of national security has denied the allegations, saying the security operation was launched to seize weapons used by a vigilante group to attack its officers last week.


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