Urban constituencies shouldn’t get same CDF money as the rural setup – Munir Zulu


Urban constituencies shouldn’t get same CDF money as the rural setup – Munir

By Thomas Ngala (The Mast)

THE sad part is people will experience the drought whether the President will perform or not they will blame him, unfortunately, observes Lumezi Independent member of parliament Munir Zulu.

Zulu lamented that 2025 is going to be rough for people in his constituency.

He told The Mast that in some areas today, they are buying a bag of mealie meal at about K700.

Asked what advice he has for the President, he said President Hichilema should just “listen to us when we are talking.”

“The challenge is whenever we speak they think that we are just criticising or politicking. So when they start listening they will make serious improvements,” Zulu said.

On the government’s call for 2025 budget proposals, Zulu said “I am of a strong opinion that the urban constituencies should not be given the same amount of money as the rural setup. We should have gotten some amount from the CDF and invest it in the irrigation facilities in rural areas.”

“Because if you give me irrigation facilities in Lumezi you are guaranteed that people will grow food. Lusaka Central, there is no land for you to grow food. So I am taking that line as we make proposals,” he said.

Asked to what extent his constituency has been affected by the drought, Zulu said “we have been hammered.”

He stressed the need for irrigation facilities in his constituency.

“Otherwise, the situation does not look good especially for the people in the valley,” said Zulu.


  1. If your urban constituencies are overpopulated, let them be split and create more constituencies! Otherwise, the CDF distribution should remain equal and not equitable because it will just cause more political problems!

    • This man Zulu can not speak with substance because he has not demostrated to us what he is doing in his constituency. His friend in oppostion; former Media Person has worked with government and showed us what he is doing for the people and constituency using CDF, what have we heard from Muri apart from insults and disruption? Is that what those people voted for? Be critical and objective. Muri is just a noise maker.


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