US couple fined $28,000 in Uganda for abusing children


An American couple was punished by a court in Uganda for hurting their 10-year-old foster child and treating them very badly. They had to pay a fine of $28,000 or £23,000.

Nicholas and Mackenzie Spencer admitted to committing some crimes in exchange for getting rid of more severe accusations against them.

They were accused of moving children illegally and causing them great pain, for which they could have been imprisoned for their entire lives.

The couple put the boy to sleep on a hard wooden bed and gave him food that was not warm.

Their baby sitter told the police last December that the boy, who has special needs, was being mistreated in a very bad and cruel way multiple times.

They admitted to mistreating others, working without authorization, and staying in Uganda unlawfully without permission.

They were given a punishment of two months in jail for this crime, and they have already completed their prison term after being arrested last year.

Judge Alice Kyomuhangi from the High Court also told them to give the person who was harmed 100 million Ugandan shillings (equivalent to $26,000 or £22,000) as a form of compensation.

The child needed help and support because his father died and his mother left him alone. Unfortunately, the people being accused were not able to control their strange actions, said the judge during her decision.

David Mpanga, the lawyer for the couple, said to the Reuters news agency that the boy had mental health problems and that the couple did not take care of him well because they had no previous experience being parents.

This situation has made some child rights activists in Uganda very angry, and they think it is a joke when it comes to fairness and the law.

Activist Proscovia Najjumba wondered how the couple got away without facing consequences after admitting they mistreated a child.


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