US House of Representatives to vote this week on Santos’ expulsion


The US House of Representatives is going to vote again to kick Congressman George Santos out of the group this week.

Two times before, people tried to remove the New Yorker from his seat, but now a report on his behavior in office has made it very likely that he will be removed from his position.

Republicans want the 35-year-old to quit. They don’t want to have another vote.

Mr Santos admits that the next vote will probably pass, but he is still resistant.

This is the third time we are experiencing this. “I don’t think it’s important,” he told reporters at the Capitol on Tuesday.

“The politicians in Washington DC can send me home if they think this process was fair and constitutional. I wish them well. ”

The Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, said he thinks the voting will happen on Friday.

Mr Johnson said on Wednesday that he has concerns about removing Mr Santos because it could create a rule that could affect other lawmakers later on.

“We will let people vote based on what they feel is right,” said Mr Johnson at a news conference on Wednesday. “I believe that people will make the decision carefully and honestly. ”

It’s not common for Congress to kick out members, and if the latest vote passes, Mr Santos will only be the sixth lawmaker in House history to be removed.

Earlier this month, a group in charge of making sure politicians behave well said he took money from his campaign and used his role as a candidate to make money for himself.

The panel’s final report accused the Republican of using campaign money for Botox treatments, buying things on OnlyFans, and taking vacations in the Hamptons.

Mr Santos criticized the report as a “political attack,” but he also said he won’t try to be the president again because of the investigation.

The Long Islander is in trouble with the law and is accused of doing many bad things, like stealing money and breaking campaign finance rules.

He stayed in office after two votes to kick him out. Some people said he didn’t do anything wrong and should have a fair trial.

Some people who did not support those actions said they wanted to wait for the House’s investigation on ethics to finish first. Some of the members who previously supported Mr. Santos now want him to be removed.

When the House started working again on Tuesday, two Democrats and the Republican leader of the ethics committee each submitted a motion to remove someone from their position.

Both resolutions, which are important, need to be discussed and voted on in the House within the next two days, or before Thursday.

The Republican leaders said they will allow time for discussion on Thursday and then hold a vote on Friday.

The Democratic measure is like a backup plan. It’s meant to make sure there’s a vote if the Republicans don’t bring up their own resolution this week, according to co-author Robert Garcia.

MrSantos has been criticizing his colleagues online since the ethics report was released, and he is expected to complain more during a press conference on Thursday morning.

His party is finding it hard to decide if they should vote to remove him.

First, it would decrease the Republicans’ small House majority by even more.

If Mr Santos is kicked out, the Governor of New York has 10 days to set up a vote. The vote would happen 70 to 80 days after that.


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