US pilot accused of posing threat to captain


A pilot from Delta Airlines in the past has been officially accused of making a threat to shoot his captain while they were on a flight last year.

Jonathan J Dunn was accused in October by a jury in Utah of causing problems with the crew on a plane.

He is being blamed for scaring the captain because he wanted them to change the flight path for a passenger who is unwell.

Dunn has an upcoming court hearing scheduled for November.

According to legal papers seen by CBS on Tuesday, the BBC’s US partner, Dunn, allegedly attacked and threatened a crew member on a flight in August 2022 while also using a dangerous weapon.

According to the Department of Transportation‘s inspector general’s office, he supposedly warned the captain that they would be shot several times if the flight changed its course. The office is currently looking into the incident. The FBI and FAA have been helping.

Officials haven’t provided any more information about what happened next.

A Delta Airlines representative confirmed to CBS that Dunn was employed by them as a first officer when the incident occurred.

They also said that he doesn’t work for the airline anymore.

Dunn was given permission by the TSA, which is a part of the Department of Homeland Security, to have a gun.

The Federal Flight Deck Officer Program allows trained pilots and flight crew to act like police officers to protect passenger planes from violence.

According to the TSA, Dunn has been taken out of the program.

Getting in the way of a flight crew is a serious crime that can result in up to 20 years in prison.


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