US Senate approves a $95 billion aid package for US, Israel, and Ukraine


The US Senate has finally agreed to give $95 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Taiwan after arguing about it for a long time.

The Democrats wanted to pass the bill, but the Republicans couldn’t agree and had voted against it before.

The package has $60 billion for Kyiv, $14 billion for Israel’s fight against Hamas, and $10 billion for help in places where there is war, like Gaza.

The bill will now go to the House, where we don’t know what will happen to it.

The package passed the Senate even though some Republicans, like House Speaker Mike Johnson and former President Donald Trump, criticized it. It also includes over $4bn for Indo-Pacific allies.

Lawmakers said yes to the package with a vote of 70 to 29. In the end, 22 Republicans and most of the Democrats voted for the law, including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“MrMcConnell said that history will make things clear,” in a statement after the vote. “Today, history will remember that the Senate did not waver in its belief in the importance of American leadership and strength. ”

The president of Ukraine thanked the senators for passing it.

“In Ukraine, the help we get from the US keeps people safe from Russian attacks and saves lives. ” This means that life will keep going in our cities and will win over war. This was written by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky on X, also known as Twitter.

The vote happened after the Senate stayed up all night and some Republicans made speeches against the measure.

The group of right-wing Republicans led by Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky promised to delay the process, so it took a long time to think about the bill.

“Shouldn’t we focus on fixing our own country before anything else. ” he said in a long speech to delay the bill from being passed.

Some lawmakers who want positive change, like Jeff Merkley from Oregon and Bernie Sanders from Vermont, voted against the bill because they are worried about supporting Israel’s bombing of Gaza.

The aid package is a smaller version of a $118 billion package that Senate Republicans rejected last week.

Republicans first wanted to make sure that any help given to other countries was connected to making the southern border more secure. However, after Mr. Trump opposed the plan, Republicans could not agree on whether to support it.

Some lawmakers want to put border security back into the current version of the law.

MrJ ohnson said on Monday night that the Republican-controlled House wouldn’t approve the new bill without those rules.

“The Republicans in the House said right away that any national security law must focus on our border security,” he said.

Mr Johnson said that the lawmakers need to start over and work on the law to make sure the border is secure.

Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer, who leads the majority in the Senate, praised the approval of the bill on Tuesday. He said the Senate was warning Putin that he will be sorry for doubting America’s determination.

The US gives a lot of help to Ukraine. The White House requested Congress to pass a bill with foreign aid a few months ago.

This might be the last chance for Congress to give Ukraine help. Ukraine says it might not be able to fight off Russia without support from the United States.


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