US Senator Chris Coons discovers German Chancellor Olaf Scholz as his look alike

US Senator Chris Coons, left (we think), next to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, right

What do a US Senator from Delaware and the Chancellor of Germany have in common. It turns out, they have a lot in common.

Chris Coons and Olaf Scholz met in Washington DC on Thursday. Chris Coons and Olaf Scholz saw each other in Washington DC on Thursday. Then they took a picture together and posted it online with the same question.

“Who is who? ” Sen Coons made a joke, which is in German for “Wer ist wer. ”

At first look, it was tough to tell them apart because they had similar grey hair, were starting to go bald, and had big smiles.

Mr Scholz is the leader of Germany’s three-party government that started in 2021. He is not known for being funny. The experienced left-wing politician quickly joined in the fun.

“Chancellor Scholz said he was happy to see someone who looks just like him again. He posted a picture on X, which used to be called Twitter. ”

They are both around the same age, 60 and 65, and are both about 5ft 7in tall. They both like politics and want to send more military help to Ukraine as soon as possible.

Mr Scholz came to Washington DC for a planned meeting with President Joe Biden. He wanted to ask for help for Ukraine and talk about the consequences if more aid is not given.

He talked to Sen Coons and other lawmakers on Thursday to tell them the same thing.

MrScholz is visiting while Congress is trying to find a way to give more help to Ukraine and Israel. It’s difficult because Republicans are against it.

The German leader wrote in an article on the Wall Street Journal that people in other countries are watching to see if our disagreements can be used against us.

We need to show that they are wrong by telling people on both sides of the ocean that if Russia wins, the world will be much more dangerous.


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