US Supreme Court to decide whether or not Trump can run for presidency

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The US Supreme Court will decide on Thursday if Donald Trump can still run for president. It’s a new legal issue for them to explore.

The judges will decide if Colorado is allowed to remove Mr. Trump from its ballot because he took part in the attack on the US Capitol.

Their choice will also decide if other attempts to prevent Mr. Trump from participating in elections in other states are allowed.

He is the top choice to be the Republican party’s candidate.

Unless the judges decide in favor of Mr. Trump, he will probably compete against Democratic President Joe Biden in November.

This is a very important case that has come to the court. The last time something this big happened was in 2000, when the court stopped the recount of votes in Florida. This decision made George W Bush, a Republican, the president instead of Al Gore, a Democrat.

The US Supreme Court has made the challenge faster, and there is pressure to make a decision before 5 March, when voters in 15 states – including Colorado – vote in Republican primaries.

Mr Trump’s name is still on the Colorado ballot, but the court will make the final decision. Maine has also decided to not include Mr. Trump on its ballot. This decision is on hold while the judges think about it.

The legal issue depends on a law from the time of the Civil War that stops people who have been part of a rebellion from having a certain position or job.
government office

This rule has never been used to stop someone from becoming president.

In December, the Colorado Supreme Court said it knew its decision was really important.

“We know we must follow the law fairly and without any bias, even if people might not agree with our decisions,” the justices wrote.

Mr Trump’s lawyers said that the Colorado decision unfairly stopped millions of voters from taking part and could also stop many more in other places.

The legal officers of 27 states agree with his argument and they say that the decision in Colorado will cause a lot of trouble.

“Clearly, it creates confusion during an upcoming election. ” – the lawyers wrote. “Furthermore, it disrupts the roles of Congress, the States, and the courts. ”

Courts in Minnesota and Michigan have rejected attempts to take Mr. Trump off their voting lists, but other cases in states like Oregon are still waiting for a decision.

The US Supreme Court will decide this case based on how most of the judges understand the 14th Amendment, including the insurrection clause.

The ex-president’s lawyers have given the court many reasons why he should not be taken off the ballot.

In one, they say that the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to people running for president.

In another argument, they say that Mr. Trump’s behavior during the US Capitol riot on January 6, 2021, was not an insurrection.

The situation is brought before the Supreme Court, which already has very low support from the public.

Regardless of what the nine judges decide, it will probably cause a lot of disagreement. Three of the judges were chosen by Mr.

The highest court has a habit of avoiding politically charged legal issues by focusing on the smallest legal details. This might happen in this case too.

Mr Trump will not be going to the hearing on Thursday.

He is dealing with a lot of legal problems. Last month, he was told to give $83. 3 million or $65 million for saying bad things about columnist E Jean Carroll, who he was found to have sexually attacked in a different case.

The Supreme Court, which has mostly conservative judges, may have to decide on another case involving Mr.

Earlier this week, a court in Washington DC said that the president can be charged for trying to overturn the 2020 election.

MrTrump needs to ask the Supreme Court by Monday to stop this ruling.


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