US will respond to attack on Jordan – Biden


President Joe Biden has said that he knows how the US will react to a drone attack that killed three American soldiers in Jordan last weekend.

As he was leaving the White House to go to fundraisers in Florida, Mr. Biden said, “I don’t think we should have a bigger war in the Middle East. ”

A group supported by Iran has said they did the attack at a US military base.

Many more people got hurt in the attack on Sunday near the border of Syria.

Mr Biden didn’t say exactly what the United States will do, but the White House promised a strong reaction on Monday.

This was the first time US soldiers were killed by the enemy in that area since the Israel Gaza war started on October 7th.

Iran said they did not do the attack.

But on Tuesday morning, Mr. Biden said, “I do blame Iran because they are giving weapons to the people who did it. ”

The attack happened at night on a US military base called Tower 22 in northeastern Jordan.

Around 350 US soldiers are located at the base. Their main goal is to help the coalition in fighting against the Islamic State. This information comes from US Central Command.

The enemy’s drone attacked when an American drone was coming back to base after a mission.

Officials say the base’s automatic air defense system was turned off to avoid shooting down the US drone.

However, because of that, the troops who were still in their beds were not given a warning.

Lately, some groups from Iran have been attacking US bases in the Middle East.

President Biden can choose to respond to the attack by making strikes on bases and commanders in Iran that are allied with the attackers.

The US might also go after top leaders of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard in Iraq or Syria. But this could make the conflict worse.


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