US will retaliate if Houthis keep attacking – Biden


The President of the United States, Joe Biden, warns the Houthis that there will be more punishment if they keep acting badly.

The US and UK did a lot of airstrikes on Friday. They targeted nearly 30 Houthi positions because the Houthis attacked ships in the Red Sea.

Five people were killed, and the group said they will take revenge.

Mr Biden said the attacks went well and he believes the Houthis are a “terrorist” group.

The Houthis said that 73 missiles were fired at Yemen during the attack. They said that the attack meant that UK and US interests are now okay to be targeted.

“The US and UK did something very stupid by attacking us,” said Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdulsalam.

John Kirby, a person who works in the White House, said that we don’t want to have a war with Yemen.

However, he said that Mr. Biden will not hesitate to take more action to protect our soldiers, buildings, and trade with other countries.

The attacks on Friday were supported by the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

The Pentagon says the group might not be able to fight back with a big army right now.

“The Director of Operations, Lt Gen Douglas A Sims ll, said today that we saw a missile being fired, but it didn’t hit any ships. ”

Before, a UK maritime security group said that someone shot a missile at a boat near the south coast of Yemen, but no one got hurt and nothing was damaged.

The company Ambrey, which protects ships at sea, said that the Houthis made a mistake by attacking a tanker that was carrying Russian oil. They thought the ship was connected to the UK, but it wasn’t.

However, the US is saying they think Iran is helping the Houthi group with the resources to carry out the Red Sea attacks.

Tehran criticized the attacks on Yemen and said they broke international laws.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said the strikes on Friday were not too much, but Turkey said Britain and the US are trying to make the Red Sea very dangerous.

BothSunak and Mr. Biden were criticized because they did not consult fully with their legislatures before launching the attacks.

The UK and US want to make it clear that the strikes were meant to protect shipping routes and were not related to the Israel-Gaza conflict, which they worry could cause more problems in the Middle East.

Many countries supported Israel after the Hamas attacks on 7 October. Around 1,300 people died and about 240 were taken hostage.

The Houthis are helping Hamas, a group in Gaza that Israel is attacking. So far, 23,350 people have died in the attacks, according to the health ministry in Gaza run by Hamas.

When the war started, the Houthis began attacking ships that they believed were going to Israel or had connections to Israel. They said these ships were fair game to attack.

So far, the Pentagon says that 27 ships have been attacked in the Red Sea. But it seems that many of the ships that were attacked are not military ships.

The Houthis are a big danger and now big ships are not going there and it costs 10 times more to insure them since December.

In the city of Sanaa in Yemen, which is controlled by the Houthi group, many people protested against the airstrikes by the US and UK.

“This rally is the first to speak out against the attack on Yemen last night,” one man told the Reuters news agency.

“This is also a message to Britain and the United States of America that they will suffer consequences for this attack. ”

Since October, there have been big rallies in Yemen to support the Palestinians and Gaza. This Friday’s rallies were even bigger than usual.

The Houthis are a group of fighters from a smaller group of Shia Muslims in Yemen called the Zaidis. They say they are part of the Iranian-led “axis of resistance” with Hamas and Hezbollah. They are against Israel, the US, and the wider West.

They have taken over a big part of north-western Yemen, including the biggest city, Sana’a, and are now the main government there since taking control in 2014.


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