Free education given(i used to spend K4,500 per term in helping families for their school), 11, 276 health workers recruitment, 30, 000 teachers recruitment, civil servant 12% salary increment, no cadres, appointments from all regions of Zambia, reduced number of people on foreign trips, social cash transfer increased, pension reforms, council equalisation funds cleared, transparency in government projects. Rule of law restored, judiciary operating independently. Today you can go mu toilet at any public place nishi wafwala nechisheti cha PF but no one will beat you like they used to balya twikwite.

All these things have been done by HH in just about 8 months and yet wiso uyu na PF yakwe for 10 years did more harm than good.

Then ati he is not working. Are you mad? Take that hatred elsewhere even to your fellow PF losers.

Ushitasha mwana wandoshi especially tu ma cry babies from tu PF.

Shimumbi iii


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