1. Wagunwa KAMBWILI…..2026 is very much far and UPND will sail through.

    You don’t even know the party you are in. Wait my friend there is still time….!!

  2. Ba Kanbwili dont cheat yourself. Politics of hanging up is long gone especially that you’re all known by your character. Zambians have had enough of your type of politics of selfishnes. It will never work

  3. Kikikiki … Ati you don’t even know the party you are in … Kikikiki
    Ba CK, put your bums down!
    It’s recycled politicians like you who are messing up this country!
    Count yourselves lucky that you have a sleepy person you are dealing with who has allowed you the freedom to regroup!
    I however agree with you that someone will cry for “leaving an enemy behind!”
    Now it’s too late for UPND! The worst mistake UPND has made is the mismanagement of Akabwali and Fuel!
    So UPND is faced with many enemies on several fronts including the citizens you have starved!
    Stop this circus of arrests before it is too late!

  4. When did this fat man who has no neck started to be called Dr…..
    The man is an oxygen stealer and as corrupt as lungu
    Ati Dr……my as$

  5. You share the same platform with Lungu and that makes you dream of your own funeral as flip flipper flap flop?

    Ba Kambwili are you not the one who said insoni e buntu? So what are you since you have no shame of going to bed with the same idiots you undressed publicly as corrupt and thieves?

    Have they suddenly become angels? And tribal ones for that matter? Some of us are able to see clearly what your motivation is. Jealousy and tribalism. It failed to work then and it is already BID in 2026.

    Apart from the high cost of living which is worldwide and part of which your wizardly and reckless borrowing is one of the contributing factors for this country, there is nothing for you to talk about.

    HH has not committed any crime by allowing the police to do their work against the lawbreakers and that cannot make anyone cry in 2026 when legally if possible all the criminals will be counting the number of years remaining before they are released from prison.


  6. Kambwili is a man without a base . He moves with the wind. He has no spine, he is intellectually bankrupt, morally bankrupt, flip flopper and a door mat. What can you get from a fully grown up man who doesn’t know himself.

  7. A lot of things started going absolutely wrong when that chap Chishimba Kambwili was Foreign Minister. It was really SAD for Zambia!!

  8. It’s you hippo who is going to cry again because you’re not offering any solution to the challenges faced in this country apart from attacking an individual just like you did before 2021 general election and you were all humiliated by the very individual you all hated, remember the same group of opposition political parties which grouped together before 2021 is the same which is attacking the same individual even today, you’re heading for another humiliation

  9. When you look at the mouth of Chishimba fimofimo Kambwili very closely, you will see that he talks out of desperation.
    He has no direction, infused with wrong and hatred motives and a person of no straight morals. For him to stick to PF with the people he levelled as ” bapompwe mushibila nsala, umwine wachisushi …” Eve if it’s politics but you can not go back to someone who is a killer, Robber Chief whip of thieves, then it means you havee now become on of them.


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