VIDEO: A resident of Kwacha appreciates the unveiling of 1,650 flushable toilets in the area



    • Hatred and resentment are a curse to some people. It must be hard to see real work and progress on display.

      So you guys were happy to leave people without flashing toilets. Guys you must be sick in your minds.

      Meanwhile, no comment on $ 24 million stolen and now forefited. What hypocrisy and double standards.

  1. Let’s respect ba Mbuzi!
    It’s the only place we have for solitary confinement!
    Chiluba was one person also who paid serious attention to the availability of clean public Ba Mbuzi!
    Before the introduction of fee paying public toilets, the council run free public toilets were a total mess.
    Today, you can afford to have access to affordable clean public toilets, especially when nature calls carelessly!
    Water and Sanitation infrastructure is key to attaining SDG number 6, so this is commendable progress!
    Let’s have more people to have access to good flushable toilets!


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