By George Zulu

Alliances in Zambia cannot work ahead of 2021 general elections if those calling for such are not ready to be led, All People’s Congress (APC) party leader Nason Msoni has charged.

Responding to calls by NDC leader Chishimba Kambwili who wants all opposition political parties to come together and field one presidential candidate in the 2021 general elections, Msoni says the idea is good but those that want to lead should be ready to be led.

He says in Malawi it worked well because leaders in the opposition did not have personal egos.

Msoni says APC will not be part of the alliance that wants to promote one particular group, whose agenda is to go to State House at all cost.

“We are not going to accept to be in an alliance to be clapping for others, no, we want to agree and work for a common purpose, ” said Msoni.


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