1. Thank you Paramount Chief Chitimukulu for coming to be with Chishimba Kambwili during this difficult time for him and some of us…Soldier on CK. We have eyes and can see. What is to be will be. This low will become a high very soon , for nothing under earth is permanent…
    And for the Caiphas , the hypocrites, and real tribalists to the core, leading you to the crucifixion , there time will come , for all to see what shameless masquerades they are.

    • Kambwili is not his subject. Like someone has explained on another platform Kambwili is not a Bemba even if he speaks the language. He is a Bisa

    • I think it is beneath his station in life to be attending such.

      The Chiti Mukulu must conduct himself in a more dignified manner.

      In the video, it is like he is exchanging views with all kinds of characters around him. It is not a healthy environment.

  2. Iam watching from Berlin.All records must be searched and found where pipo in our country have insulted other pipo.The current Minister of Education is one example of them.These pipo must be taken to courts of law coz precidence has been set.All those who have uttered words that we Bembas are thieves must face jail

    • Ba Willie, in case you are not aware, Mr. Kambwili was temporarily suspended from campaigning in 2021 by the ECZ for his hate speech.

      Mr. Lungu himself once said out of 10 thieves 6 will be Bemba.

      If you know of people who engaged in hate speech after the law came into force, lodge a complaint with the police so that they can be prosecuted.

  3. He can get bail that is fine, but that won’t take him anywhere. His crimes were captured on live TV and radio. He has no where to hide. He might infact make things worse. The courts hate people who have the tenacity to waste their time knowing that they did whatever they did voluntarily. He just might have his term doubled or trebled. This is not a coincidence, Kambwili knew what he was doing. Unless pledges being a lunatic, he won’t get away with it. The trap was set for him and he went for it. He could have refused to go and do what he was doing. He was used as a useful fool by imingalato. Imingalato knew what he was doing, but Kambwili who is shameless and as selfish as imingalato went for it without considering the damage he was doing to himself and the country. And when you look at imingalato and kambwili grouping together you start wondering about the people wanting to lead the nation. Firstly, they don’t care about one other themselves! How then do we expect them to care about the nation and the ordinary citizens?


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