A man identified as Abraham Muyunda of Kabwata Site and Service was this morning caught by his wife marrying another wife, in a Church ceremony.

Mr Muyunda who works for Zambia Revenue Authority at Head Office is married to Caroline Mubita and they have three children between them.

Muyunda left home today in the morning and told his wife that he had gone out of town on duty when, in fact he was set to tie another Knott with another woman.

The wedding took place at a Catholic Church in Chainda.

Mrs Muyunda was only tipped by vigilant neighbours that her husband was about to wed with another woman, after which she rushed to the said Church together with her kids where she interupted the ceremony.

Mr Muyunda looked embarrassed as he kept looking down while his legitimate wife claimed him,in front of the Church and his illegal wife to be.

He has so far been handed over to Matero Police station where he is kept as the family discuses the way forward.

He is likely to be charged with Bigmay which is a criminal matter in Zambia, and when one is convicted , they could face upto 7 years in prison.

The Bride knew Mr Muyunda was married. She is actually the one who sponsored the entire wedding.


  1. Its not the bride who sponsored the wedding but the guy with the help of his friends. No relative to Muyunda was invited meaning his wife was liked by his family. No wonder the brother to Muyunda tipped his sister in law

    • Don’t be surprise that Mr muyunda will wake up someday to tell the world that he was not aware of what happened that day! Wait for it. Manipulation at work!

  2. Mrs Muyunda needs serious counseling for this trauma and embarrassment from the rogue husband. The rogue husband also needs deliverance. Either he was under a demonic spell from the husband snatcher or he is just naive. Nevertheless, ignorance of the Law is no defense! Bigamy is Bigamy and he must face the wrath of the Law!

  3. Good for the married woman to reclaim her husband. Some are so desperate to even go to the extent of stealing other woman’s husband. She lucky cause if it were me, I could have torn her her dress and beat them both.

  4. Do not make a conclusion very easily. Marriage becomes something different which no one outside can never understand it properly. Only husband and wife can understand it. We shouldn’t admire the roof of the house when we don’t know what is inside.


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