1. KK warned us about him.

    It is not a coincidence that our precious minerals and Mukula are being smuggled out of the country unchecked.

    No police checks on roads. No opposition to his rule.

    Citizens, wake up. This one is worse than ECL.

    We really should have listened to KK.

  2. It could have been better nga mwachibika ka evidence pambali, instead of just telling us the story. You mean you don’t even have photos? However, if the story is true, relevant authorities like DEC, ACC and others have already picked it and they will follow it up. About who the culprits are, it’s too early to point a finger at UPND because even any other person from any party including PF can steal. Allow the investigations to be done and the truth will be known. Lastly, nangu ba UPND niba kabolala ababi sana, teti bafike pali imwe ba PF because imwe mwafikile apatali sana. You are the people who have a lot of experience in those issues, some of us don’t even know what Mukula tree looks like.

  3. Kikikikiki, ati DEC, ACC and other investigative wings will investigate. Do they exist if it involves UPND? The question is why have they removed these check points including the Chisamba one where documents are checked for such critical resources?


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