1. The government should not allow these kinds of groupings to continue the problem is like our president is weak why these groups seems to get more momentum now under HH plz Mr President be hash and hard on these groups other wise this is not a good sign the other guy even insulted the president.

  2. It’s like the (king)is the one who is now trying to colonize the other chiefdoms
    Go and tell Moise katumbi that part of Katanga province is in barotse.
    This is a bad joke

  3. Abangababekata ati; ba President tababa bwino and yet are the ones who have started the nonsense, don’t start what you can not finish ooooooh. Have you ever gone to Namibia, Angola and DR Congo and tell them your nonsense? Stop daring our President and our country Zambia. Nga waikuta sana kwikapanshi tondolo , pantu nga tautekenye ukanyela kukanwa ifyo lile kkkkkkkkkkk.

  4. Tell these mother fckers to eat their sand. HH is not the one that breached their useless Barotseland Agreement.
    If Zambia is a country of laws, these Lozi imbeciles should not be roaming their roads full of sand but die in detention!
    HH don’t show your weakness again, its time to act.

  5. These characters are being instigated by someone. The appropriate thing was for the Litunga to put a stop on this similarly I found it interesting the George Zulu responded to Sishuwa yet he failed to respond to the suggestion that he be appointed as Minister by some grouping.
    George Zulu should have distanced himself at the suggestion given he is a representitive of the Paramount chief.
    Our Chiefs should put their subjects in place and stop this non sense otherwise they will be seen to be promoting factionalism.


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