VIDEO: Barotse youths make Declarations against Zambia



  1. Arrest all these fools. Ba kapokola,Mobile Unit where are you? Sort out theses idiots as they want to devide this country. By the way what mineral weathy is your sandy province.There are no mines or industries you can boast of that you are capable of ruling your selves.These Idiots think they can overrule what was signed in 1964 between the government of zambia and Britain.If its hunger, all zambians are affected. Mukose bane .The government will soon visit and arrest you for treason.Just get ready for them

  2. We don’t want Rebels in Zambia!
    Ba Commander in chief of the Armed forces, be serious about this emerging stupidity in certain sections of the country!
    If it means raining fire on these bustards, so be it!


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