By Lubinda Namukolo

The prime minister of BArotseland, Ngambela Mukela Manyando this afternoon held a press briefing at his office in Limulunga Royal village.

Addressing the media this afternoon , the prime minister traditionally known as Sope or Minyolui and commonly known as Ngambela Mukela Manyando said , BRE is shocked and hurt Following unfortunately statement which was issued by president Hakainde that there is no BArotseland. The statement which has caused so much attention in BArotseland, as kuta we summoned all chiefs in BArotseland and the BArotse National council was held from the 24th – 26th January 2024 in Limulunga Royal village and the council considered the matter in detailed and made a number of resolutions which have since been communicated to President Hakainde Hichilema’s government in Lusaka.

The principal resolutions is between the BRE and central government to engage to clarify status of BArotseland. The public will be informed about the outcome and development of this matter, in the meantime BRE would like to ask the public to exercise patience.


  1. Its unfortunate that the whole of the so called prime Minister can choose to to understand what the president said
    The president didn’t say there is no Balotseland but there is no country called Balotseland how difficult is this to understand
    By law the name recognized in the constitution is western province not this nonsense of Balotseland

    • Correct. And this is problem we have in Zambia. Perception. You say one thing and the likes of Sishuwa, Mmembe and some funny association that dont have the mandate of the Litunga each come up with their own understanding and Politise an issue that is straing forward.
      Instead of focusing on the real issues that affect people. We now focus in non issues. What did they President or not say.

      Let the Prime Minister or Ngambela of Litunga.
      BRE and myriad of Baroste associations use the Baroste yet the said name is historically attached to many tribes not just the lozi who the Baroste claim to have conquered and were their subjects. It also goes across the Zambian boundaries.
      Am sure Mmembe and his cohorts now believe they have one up on the President when they stoked this issue with those that claimed to speak for the Litunga.

  2. You morons have some respect and use your little education. Dont insult our leaders in the Baroste council. Learn to argue your points without name calling. Read your history you will see that Baroste land has been thier before Zambia. You cant deny people thier history.

    • We have idiots and morons in this country who are also cowards and STUPID IDIOTS, how many Presidents has this Country have had since 1964? Why did the idiots not achieve cessation? Why do they want to take advantage of HH? Do they think he is the weakest? We know what has been happening to the lawbreakers from that region and the same should happen now. STUPID IDIOTS.

  3. The word of God admonishes us to be quick to listen and slow to speak.

    There is need for care and Wisdom in sorting out some issues which are tied in legal agreements. Dialogue is usually the best method to use to deal with contentious and complicated issues..

    Name calling , insulting one another anger or ignorance are all dangerous substitutes for intelligent and prudent interactions.

    A mature and deliberate face to face dialogue on the underlying and very contentious issues is the best way forward.

    The word of God says a harsh response gives rise to hot tempers which in turn will yield frustration and bitterness. To start a conversation in this manner is a failure waiting to happen.

    Sensitive issues should be handled strategically and with foresight of repurcussions.

    Winning an argument should not be the goal instead fostering unity should be the main forcus.

    Communication in it self may not be clear, effective communication invests a cordial meeting of minds and the end result is a common language and agreement on the best way to settle matters concerning either party affected.. Currently minds are far apart, and pretending not to hear each other is dangerous.

  4. If I have heard the Prime Minister correctly, he said the President was quoted saying that there is no Barotseland but that is not right, the President said, there no country called Barotseland and he was right because Barotseland is not country but one of the regions that are found in a country called Zambia. Maybe it just depends on how one takes it or understands it. I don’t think that statement from the President has anything to do with the none or existence of Barotseland. Barosteland exists as a region because from my own understanding, a country should have its own President or Prime Minister if it’s under a Monarchy. The same should have its own Parliament, Army, Civil Service or Government, its own Courts, Budget, Schools and Education system etc. So if we have the same institutions that I have mentioned with the Western region of Barotseland, the context in which the statement was said did not mean that Barotseland does not exist. Secondly the statement did not belittle the Litunga in any way because I believe the Litunga is treated and respected just like all other Paramount Chiefs or in his case as a King of Barotseland. To that effect, like all other Chiefs, the Litunga is on salary paid by the Zambian Government. unless he doesn’t receive it out of his own wish. The President could have made a mistake because of the occasion and the forum on which he gave the statement, the question also was asked on a wrong occasion. In my opinion, the President should have ridden on the response her Honor, the Vice President gave in Parliament and no one could have misquoted or misunderstood him. However, I thank the BRE and the BNC for handling matter in a mature manner, some issues need maturity and wisdom otherwise they can cause an irreparable damage to the good relationship between the Tonga and Lozi cousins and the country at large. The resolution to see or dialogue with the President is a good one and is the step in the right direction. I just want to remind the delegation that will go see the President not to forget to him fish and mabisi, I am sure he will be very happy. Namilumelisa sichaba sa Bu Lozi kaufela.

  5. Boring as they come
    60 years,and the same story
    the status of Barotse Land
    Of course Barotse Land is not a country in Zambia.. neither is it a country in Angola, Namibia or DRC. An agreement made with false Pretenses is not valid..the Barotse agreement is flawed and someone should be bold enough to tell the Lozi zealots the truth.
    Barotse Land is part of Western Province, just like Mbunda Land and Nkoya Land.
    Western Province reigns supreme and incorporates all the tribes in the region…and all these lands were there before Zambia came into being.
    Luvale Land, Chokwe Land, Luchazi Land, Lunda Land , Kaonde land are all parts of North Western Province….Lamba Land is part of the Copperbelt Province.
    Bisa Land, Bemba Land , Namwanga Land are parts of Muchinga Province..Ushi Land, Ngumbo Land, Chishinga Land , Lunda Land
    Are parts of Luapula Province…talk of Lenje Land, Tonga Land, Soli Land and on and on ….n -> 73 Lands are all parts of 10 provinces making up Zambia. These lands are not countries. All these lands were there, and preceded Zambia..For someone to say only Barotse Land existed before Zambia was born is a damn Liar..All tribes making up Zambia existed before Zambia was born, and they all agreed to the creation of the Republic of Zambia.
    And infact we all bear allegiance to the Luba- Lunda Kingdom of Mwata yamvo…So if there’s any need for the restoration of a Kingdom in Central Africa, then let us restore the Luba- Lunda Kingdom!
    And besides the Kololo of Sebitwane even defeated the Lozis, Ruling them for years, marrying their women, and his descendants might even be the ones making noise in the Linyungadambo group! Am just tired of this Barotse issue.

  6. liked the article by Mwamba where the Baluvale people successfully petitioned that they didn’t belong to the Barotseland.
    Let other tribes take a class action to dissociative themselves from the Barotseland sharade.
    That way , Barotseland will be contained in its own borders and let go as an ” independent” entity.

  7. Let there be a referendum on the borders and those ethnicities that want to be part of this colonial/white settlers traps/nonsense. Tired of blackmail and unbridled selfishness of imposing “authority” on totally independent ethnicities who don’t even speak silozi. Tired, really tired. Referendum please and passports, residence/work permits for our baroste brothers and sisters when the borders are drawn.We have more urgent things like eradicating poverty. Tired of this repetitive nonsense. What a load of selfishness!!!

  8. A mature response from the Ngambela. Let us avoid inflammatory remarks and resolve this issue amicably.

    There is no need to be at one another’s throats.


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