About our son Emmanuel Mwanza

By Amɓ. Emmanuel Mwamba

I’ve dreaded this day.

But the media must not be predatory and in my humble view they will but, help destroy a life on the way to healing and rehabilitation.

I’ve noted a video published by Prime Television.

My advise to the media is that Emmanuel Mwanza needs education, psychological and counseling, a process that is underway.

He has since done the first term at this special and beautiful boarding school tucked away from noise, negative and urban influence. He is due to go to school this weekend.

We found a special school, run and supported by USA agencies,which supports children like Emmanuel that have been orphaned or vulnerable or lived on the streets.

I have personally supported Emmanuel, bought school requirements, clothes and shoes and visitedhim nearlyy every week-end.

But these tall stories about people that help and he assumes they have stolen his donations is but a gimmick..he has threatened to destroy everyone involved including the school…but my view has been that a child needs rehabilitation and not anger.

Let’s help this child.. Sadly i have to say this…his public appeal and parading himself desperate and needing urgent help, is totally bogus, as he has sufficient clothes and support for his school.

I can vouch for Idah and John Chanda that had done so much by the time I came in…their role has been purely helpful like many strangers keen to help these children.

There are many children I personally support but Emmanuel needs special help and the media should allow this process to run its course.

Emmanuel is due to go back to school this weekend.

Emmanuel has a good school, good clothes and support…Feeding the emotional appeals he is making will be destroying a life almost rehabilitated…


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