‘ We worked well wtih Mr. Chishimba Kambwili to bring down Edgar Lungu.’ – Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa


“I can now begin to disclose, that we worked well with Chishimba Kambwili during the campaigns, he said let me join PF alone to bring down Edgar Lungu and leave my party behind and I will be issuing tribal remarks so that Zambians can hate the one I’m supporting,” Media and Information Minister, Cornelius Mweetwa speaking at a Press Conference this morning.


  1. Yaba.

    So UPND started a long time ago trying to shrink democratic space.

    Now that the stage is theirs, the have been found wanting. Two left feet.

  2. If the tribal statements by CK were intended to bring down PF and had the blessings of UPND, why then prosecute CK over the same remarks? UPND must then be outrightly evil, as Mweetwa is now revealing to us.

  3. Even the evacuation of CK must not be understood from the point of view of the duty of UPND government to its citizens. It may be done by UPND with the ulterior motive of the attempt to win favor for itself from unsuspecting Zambians.

    • It is also possible the evacuation of CK may be used to get a deal from him to smear the PF. Evil people are capable of anything.

  4. This chap is not the right person to be Upnd party spokesperson. Something is seriously wrong with him. What he has disclosed, and looks very proud to disclosed, does not make any sense. Such low thinking can not be coming from senior ministers in government. People who degrees! Kaya if this country can develop with such ministers.

  5. Given Mweetwa’s utterances, even his wishes of a quick recovery to CK do not sound genuine. His hope and that of his party in government is for CK to recover so they can continue with their evil project.

  6. Very careless and reckless statement from Mweetwa!
    Not sure why you get excited over small things!
    So you are also confirming that the issue of the Hatembos was also your project, right?

    • Besides, with this kind of revelation, would people not be excused to believe that the UPND in opposition was behind the gassing incidents and burning of City Market in order to blame the PF and discredit them?

  7. This is metaphorical speaking! There is nowhere he is saying that UPND sponsored Kambwili. Hon Mweetwa and Syakalima must be careful how they communicate. The opposition, unlike the UPND Alliance, has semi-illiterate leaders and will jump at any opportunity to twist facts as presented. Mr. Kambwili in doing hate speech worked to UPND’s advantage under the sponsorship of PF. Syakalima never insulted the Bembas but in the shallow thinking minds of the PF leaders they read and heard an insult that he called them illiterates. Given Katuta on the flow of the house said her people in Chiyenge did not understand the president’s speeches and said maybe they should speak in vernacular for her people to understand. She was not regarded as having insulted her people.

  8. There’s every reason to be suspicious here; the promptness of Emmanuel Mwamba’s response. I watched Cornelius Mweetwa on tv. He never uttered the words that are reported in the video. Besides that, there were many PF leaders who said anti-Tonga political messages: Nkandu Luo and Christopher Yaluma. Were they also sponsored by the UPND to do that?

  9. A very careless proclamation which will stain and an already overly criticized administration.

    Wisdom is needed to ensure you don’t fire live bullets into your on camp. Guidance and collective agreements on policy issues is important.

    This unfortunate occurrence needs to be corrected urgently, because the integrity of the team is at stake.

  10. I think this was Mweetwa’s failed attempt at using irony and satire. It is a blue lie that Kambwili was a UPND project during the 2021 campaigning. Kambwili’s tribalism was well known long before PF formed government. In Luanshya when people voted for an MMD candidate Kambwili went tribally bananas; scolding people in that constituency why they elected a Luvale instead of the PF candidate who was obviously a Bemba. This prompted all the MPs from North-Wester North-Western Province to issue a press statement in condemnation of Kambwili.

  11. I beg to differ. Mweetwa has not failed in anything including even in his latest statement on Kambwili. I find all those attacking him as usual political opponents of UPND who in their chest to “bring UPND or Mweetwa down” have failed to find anything to anchor their evil jealous on, and now think, “yes, this is it, lets rip him apart”. You are all having it wrong. First of all UPND is a political entity, and in politics there are wider freedoms to mix up decency, morality and immorality. Compare where are coming from b4 UPND came into power. There you find those politicians who took their freedom of mixing decency, moralilty and immorality together, to a whole new and appalling level of killing pipo. So what are you talking about Mweetwa has he killed pipo? Kamugodi was high level immorality, did you talk…? Kasaka Kandalama was high level immorality did you talk…? Building high debt for the country was high level immorality did you talk…? You stole votes to win 2016 elections that was high level immorality did you talk…? Etc etc etc… and if you didnt talk just shut up for you hv no traceable background of fighting immorality, unless it is by yr perceived enermies. Leave Cornelius alone, he is far more cleaner than Mr Jim and Ms Joice


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