VIDEO: Cornelius Mweetwa has apologized to the Church over the mishandling of matter regarding Fr. Chewe Mukosa


Minister of Information and Media, Hon. Cornelius Mweetwa has apologized to the Church and the nation over the misinformation and mishandling the matter regarding Fr. Andrew Chewe Mukosa.

Permanent Secretary, Thabo Kawana said the police call-out was fake.

Mweetwa has pledged better behaviour and coherent statements from Government.


  1. Apology is welcome.

    I think this is the first time this government has apologised for anything. At least, in public, they have acknowledged wrong doing.

    Now let us see change in behaviour.

    Where are those idiot brain cow praise singers that were supporting this nonsense? Can they also apologise for their unfounded insults?

    • Comrade, you’re better off using sober language than those derogatory terms.Your bitterness and anger will not help you bring back kasaka kandalama Just change your mind set and learn to coexist.

  2. It’s gratifying to see and hear gov. Apologize to the priest over the callout and mixed information from one gov.
    To apologize is free and it’s the humane thing to do when one party is aggrieved and the offending party show remose.
    Congratulations Mweetwa for setting a good example ad leaders.
    Just my view, the culprit in this matter are the police, when the public feels the green/kurky/blue party is overzealous this is what we mean kindly charge those junkies (teine ni ba IG) for unprofessional conduct. If possible let Mr IG remove them or he is removed as a junkie himself.

    • It’s too late, na musebana kale, because of selfishness and thinking you are the most intelligent, while people from regions you hate are very dull. Tepapa mwatampa ama apology, instead of doing developmental things which lessen hunger in the country. The Bembas say, ” umunwe umo ta usala nda”! In the same vein one person cannot rule a country, it must be collective effort, other , insala kupona mu chalo, like now.

  3. An apology is not enough you should have fired kawana for lying. These shows you are liars yourselves and you condone lying.


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